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Coliving is city living made better

Private rooms and beautiful shared spaces in friendly homes.

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Our community events are curated by our member services team, and include everything from archery classes to group brunches. With the app, members can stay up to date on the latest social gatherings and create their own events for other members to attend.


Looking to chat with other members? Or invite a new suitemate to dinner? Through our app’s Chat feature, connecting with suitemates and new friends has never been so easy, Members can message each other one on one or through interest and home-based groups.


With access to Connect by Common’s directory, members have the opportunity to truly know their neighbors and enjoy all the benefits of shared living. By filling out their profile, members can find each other based on city, home, or interest tags. It’s communal living made easy.


City living doesn’t have to be expensive. Along with the value that coliving provides, we’ve partnered with local and national brands to give our members exclusive discounts and deals. The best part? We’re adding new ones all the time, and they’re updated directly in the app.

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Private bedroom

Every member has a private bedroom, furnished with a nightstand, lamp, and a comfy bed.

Fully furnished

Our homes come furnished with quality pieces from exceptional brands like Restoration Hardware and West Elm.

High-end kitchen

Every kitchen at Common is outfitted with high-end appliances, dishware, and other essentials.

Weekly cleaning

Weekly cleaning: Once a week, our professional team cleans shared spaces, including kitchens, living rooms, and shared bathrooms.

Basic supplies

We stock your household staples like pots, pans, dishes, paper towels, and soap, so you don’t have to run those pesky errands.

Free on-site laundry

Every home comes with free laundry, and all of the supplies you’ll need for it.


If you’re ready to transfer to another room or home within the Common community, simply put in a request.

Free high-speed WiFi

Our homes are optimized for high-speed, commercial-grade WiFi, included at no additional cost to you.

Property Services

Our property services team makes sure our homes are in tip-top shape, and respond to all maintenance requests within 24 hours.


We’ll be there every step of the way.

What is coliving?

Coliving is simply a way to make living in a city work better for you. At Common, our coliving homes provide private furnished bedrooms within beautiful shared suites, where convenience and value go hand-in-hand with comfort and community.

Members at Common enjoy the privacy of their own furnished bedrooms with access to community in beautiful shared suites and community spaces in their homes. Best yet, one all-inclusive rate covers your rent, cleaning, laundry, and more.

by Katie Fustich

"The space is bright, airy and equipped with ultra-modern appliances and furnishings you’re unlikely to find outside of million-dollar high-rises."

by Kaitlin Petersen

"Imagine this: a bedroom of your own in a fully furnished house that is shared with pre-vetted roommates and perpetually stocked with household basics like coffee, paper towels, and trash bags, so you never again have to fight about who bought what the last time. By offering exactly that, the two-year-old co-living company Common may well be urban living’s closest thing to utopia."

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