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Behind the Scenes – How We Onboard Members

An inside look at how we designed the membership onboarding experience at Common.

Welcome to common

At Common, we’ve set out to improve the way we live together by providing fully furnished homes with flexible month-to-month terms at an all-in-one price. As we built out our first property, we carefully designed both online and offline experiences to maximize user happiness.

After a member is interviewed and accepted, one of their first experiences with Common is the onboarding process — where they choose a suite, electronically sign membership agreements and make their first payment. We’ve eliminated broker fees, credit checks and complicated lease agreements in favor of a simplified process that takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Here’s an inside look at how we onboard our members.

Choose Your Suite

All Common members live in private rooms within suites of multiple roommates. After choosing a suite, we showcase high-quality photos of available rooms in the suite with our all-in-one pricing. This makes the process of splitting the cost of the suite with roommates straightforward and easy.


A refreshing take on pricing

No utilities, no broker fees, no surprises. We designed the checkout process to give a clear picture into what’s due today and what’s due next month.



Joining the Community


All set to move in! Payments are processed securely every month, so there’s no worrying about arriving with a checkbook or forgetting to pay rent. Members show up on the scheduled move-in date and are greeted by our community manager.

common bed

Want to work with us? We’re looking for a designer who can create aesthetically pleasing products both online and in our physical spaces.

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