Meet Our Newest Brooklyn Home

In October, Common opened its first flagship home on Pacific Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Since then, the 19 members living there hosted almost 10 potluck dinners, attended a few Daybreakers, started a book club, arranged movie nights, and helped Common craft a better experience for rental living in NYC and beyond.

Today we’re opening our second Home in Crown Heights, a few blocks down the street from our Pacific flagship. It’s slightly smaller than our first, with 10 total members across three suites. But it’s no less special, and we’re excited to welcome our new members this month.

The Design

Our Common Albany home ground floor is a comfy living room, a custom made farm table, and a large kitchen for cooking together while overlooking the garden.

Albany Home Bedroom

Albany Home Backyard

Albany Home Kitchen

Members at Common Albany enjoy beautiful home essentials from Snowe, and gorgeous furniture and lighting again from West Elm, Restoration Hardware and Bryght. We also teamed up with Milne, in the Hudson Valley, to design a custom made farm table, cellar desk, and rooftop daybed, as well as sourcing some wonderful Hudson Valley antique furniture for our kitchens and garden.

Common Albany has the same warm feeling, cool patterns and Americana artwork as Common Pacific.

Exposed brick, timber floorboards, and great sunlight; everything we love.

The Game Room

While Common Pacific has a dining hall, our Common Albany (Avenue) home has a game room.

Albany Home Game Room

There is a 55” TV and Chromecast for movie nights, PS4, PacMan Arcade Machine (which is absolutely addictive), and a stack of great boardgames. Play or watch movie next to the LED fireplace.

Albany Common Room

Our Artist-in-Residence

As part of our collaboration with Daybreaker, artist-in-residence Elliott LaRue will be living in our Common Albany flagship home. We’re excited to have him as part of our community. As part of his residency, he’ll help introduce our members to the best of NYC. Our artist in residence is a wealth of knowledge in the NYC creative scene and can provide awesome recommendations and ideas for the community.

Want to learn more about our newest flagship home? Apply to Common here.

Hello, Common Pacific

We started Common to address the need for housing that is flexible, user-friendly, and community-driven. Our mission is to rethink housing from the ground up, answering the question of what residential living would look like if it were designed from scratch today. Today, we’re thrilled to be opening our first residence for 19 members at […]