Hello, Common Havemeyer

This Spring, Common will open our largest home yet in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Our Common Havemeyer home will have 12 suites and 51 bedrooms spread across almost 20,000 square feet of living space. We couldn’t be more excited about our new neighborhood and new home.

At Common, we’re making living with roommates a vastly better experience by offering convenience, reliability, and community. And we’re thrilled to now be doing that on a much bigger scale.

Since opening our first home in October, our members have taken our initial concept of community and run with it. In addition to our weekly potluck dinners, Common residents have organized a book club, movie nights, and even a hackathon. The Common experience has been extraordinarily well-received, with 100% of our 31 members saying that they would recommend us to a friend. With the successes and learnings of our first two homes, we’re doubling down on our vision of building a newer, friendlier way of living.

Bedroom in our Havemeyer home

Bedroom in our Common Havemeyer home

There are a lot of things to love about our new neighborhood. Williamsburg is a hub of New York’s culture, and our home is within blocks of popular local restaurants and bars including Radegast Hall, Momofuku Milk Bar, Peter Lugers Steakhouse, Xixa, Traif, and more.

In addition, our home is only a few minutes’ walk from the Marcy Avenue J M Z – one subway stop away from Manhattan – and not much farther from Williamsburg’s L and G lines.

We will be taking many of the things that worked from our first two homes – Common Pacific and Common Albany – and bringing them to Common Havemeyer. The Common features our members love – the weekly cleaning service, shared kitchen and bathroom supplies, and building-wide Slack – will all be an integral part of the Common Havemeyer experience.

Mural in Williamsburg

Around the block in Williamsburg

We’re also incorporating our learnings from our first two homes into our new one. For one, we’ve learned to be a facilitator of community more than an organizer. Our residents build friendships spontaneously and organically – a spur-of-the-moment pancake breakfast posted by a member on Common’s Slack rather than a drink night organized weeks ahead of time. We’ve also learned that our members plan to stay in Common for the long-term – much longer than we originally anticipated – and want to make their suite their own. They’re bringing in their own art, and decorating their room and common spaces with their own style and theme. This is their home, not ours, and it’s better that way. And we’ve revised our pricing to reflect the permanence of our residents.

With more space in Common Havemeyer, we’re able to offer more amenities to our residents. Our Williamsburg home features roof decks and outdoor areas to enjoy during the warmer months as well as community spaces that include a large lounge room for chill and work, a wellness studio, and an entertainment center for movie nights and programmed speaker series.

Kitchen in our Havemeyer home

Kitchen in our Common Havemeyer home

Common Havemeyer is not only our first Williamsburg home, it’s also our first ground-up development. For this home, we partnered with a developer already building high-quality housing designed for roommates. Through our partnership, Common will be responsible for all aspects of managing the building, from matching roommates to building maintenance. As we continue to grow and build the Common community, partnerships with developers who share our values will play an increasingly important role in bringing new living options to increasingly housing-crunched cities.

Want to be a part of what we’re building together? Apply to Common here.

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