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We are often asked, “Where do Common members move from?” The answer is, everywhere. Our members are from New York, a myriad of US states, and countries all over the world. Moving is always difficult, and moving from abroad can be particularly challenging. Here are stories of two members from abroad who chose Common:

Members from abroad


Q: Where were you before Common?

A: I had been living in Canada for a number of years, doing a masters at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and living in a graduate residence there. This was a special place, a close community of about 100 students and post-docs in different fields of study living together and sharing meals. I loved the community, but I knew I would eventually graduate and have to move out. It was a Google search for a similar style of housing that first brought Common onto my radar.

Q: What was your original plan for moving to New York City?

A: When I landed my current job in Manhattan, I had to plan for a quick move to New York. My plan was to arrive in New York on a red-eye on New Year’s Day. There would be a couch waiting for me to crash on, and work would start the following Monday. I had a friend also moving to New York later in January, so the plan was to find a studio together once she arrived. When her plans suddenly changed, I had only a few days before my flight to find something more permanent. Hello, Common.

Q: So what was the application and move in process like?

A: Since I was applying remotely, the Admissions team gave me a virtual tour of the residence via Skype, and I was instantly sold. The team was really friendly and understanding, and made the process super easy. The actual act of moving in took around ten minutes: I showed up. I hung up my clothes. Done.

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Q: You were in the States for college, then moved back to Rwanda. What prompted you to come back to the States, and how did you find the housing search?

A: Even though I spent my college years in the States, moving to New York certainly had a brand new feel to me. While living in Rwanda, I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work for a Swiss trading company in NYC. I spent two months looking for an apartment, while living with friends in New Jersey. My cousin, who had moved to New York about a year before I did, heard about Common through some friends and told me about it.

Q: Was coliving a new concept for you? What did you think about Common when you found us?

A: At first, I was a little skeptical about shared living, solely based on stories shared by friends about awful co-living experiences. Despite this, I decided to apply to Common. It was a very easy process and consisted of a phone call and a tour of the Pacific home to get a feel for the place and what was offered. I was sold on Common within a few minutes. Common had everything I was looking for, a price that fit within my budget and even went as far as providing basic household essentials and a weekly cleaning service.

Q: How was the actual move-in?

A: Coming from another country, I couldn’t have asked for a more seamless move-in. All I had to do was drop my bags in my room. That was it! Everything else was already there and ready for me.

Q: You have been living in Common a few months, what do you love the most?

A: A huge bonus is the roommates. I enjoy the diversity and the fact that Common emphasizes a sense of community by encouraging its residents to interact and get to know one another. The weekly Sunday dinners and get-togethers are always something to look forward to.

Interested in moving to Common? You can apply here in minutes from anywhere in the world.

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