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Common homes are fully furnished. So, what does that include? Members have their own rooms that come with beds, Casper mattresses, Parachute bedding, and a dresser, nightstand, mirror and rug. Common shared spaces are equipped with sofas, chairs, coffee tables, and kitchens that are ready with all appliances. But it doesn’t stop there. A home wouldn’t be complete without an artistic point of view. We caught up with Desiree Almodovar, Art Director at Mayday, to chat about the paintings, photos and art pieces up at our first two homes, Common Pacific and Common Albany.

Common: What’s the overall theme or point of view at Common Pacific and Common Albany?

Desiree: Common’s Crown Heights homes, Common Pacific and Common Albany, feature a collection that is an eclectic mix of modern and contemporary pieces that capture the nature, people, and patterns of the American experience. In addition to displaying uniques and prints of established artists who have lived and worked in the U.S., Common actively champions local artists, galleries and museums working at the forefront of contemporary art.

American scenes on display at Common

Art at Common: The nature, people and patterns of the American experience.

C: How do such diverse works (and textiles) come together to present this theme?

D: From serene Hudson River School landscape pieces to iconic portraits of New York residents and native animals, the collection reveals America’s rich cultural history and natural brilliance. The works come together to form a survey of not only an American aesthetic, but also of the diverse people who make the U.S. one of the world’s largest “melting pots.” In one corner, you may find a sketch of the Catskills, while another corner boasts a photograph of Cher roller skating at a disco in Crown Heights. Various mediums are also woven throughout the curated clusters. Our Albany space perfectly illustrates this with an arrangement of native Algonquin textiles, paying homage to the people that were historically prominent along the Atlantic coast. There is also one artist, Edward Hopper, whose paintings of urban settings are present throughout. The color palette in his calculated renderings of modern American life inspired Common’s visual identity, making his work a fundamental part of the collection.

Patti Smith in Crown Heights

Patti Smith in Crown Heights: The original and on the wall at Common Albany.

C: Can you talk a bit about which artists are represented, and how you bridged classic works with local ones?

D: More than 150 artists are represented, including major masters such as Georgia O’Keeffe, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Louise Bourgeois. We also ardently care deeply about supporting living artists and local museums, so don’t be surprised to see pieces by Sarah Eisenlohr, Daniel Seung Lee, Sharon Montrose, and Landon Nordeman, or prints sourced from the Brooklyn Museum. The entire collection has resulted in an engaging cultural experience for members in a way that draws them even closer to home and local community.

dward Hopper at Common

Edward Hopper: The original and in Common’s community space at Common Pacific.

Want to take a closer look at Common Pacific and Common Albany? Check out our New York homes here.

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