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June’s Member-Led Event: An Interactive Screening at Common Havemeyer

At Common, we believe that value-based communities function more effortlessly and organically. With this in mind, we’ve launched a monthly Member-Led Event, where our members have the opportunity to use our resources to share something they love with the community.

After sorting through many applications, one of our new members at Common Havemeyer, Edwina McGregor, was chosen to host our first member-led event last month. The Common Value she wanted her event to embody was Love the Journey: embrace the adventure and have fun.

The first step to having fun? Throwing spoons at a 145-inch screen in Common Havemeyer’s newly opened screening room.

member led event

Twenty Common members got together in the lounge for delicious Chinese food from local Williamsburg favorite Red Bowl and an explanation of the main activity of the night: an interactive screening of Tommy Wiseau’s notorious cult classic The Room, also known as the worst movie ever made. Interactive screenings for this movie can be found all across America, and the internet is rife with different viewing guides and instructions for when and what to yell or throw at the screen.

member led event

Edwina, a film buff who moved to Common Havemeyer from Australia, would be watching the movie for the sixth time, but most of the members present were first-timers. The participation instructions required the equivalent of a manual, with gems like yelling “who are you?” when the actor who plays Peter is replaced mid-film by another actor with no explanation, and throwing plastic cutlery at the screen whenever there are pictures of utensils in the background of a shot (which is often).

spoons the room havemeyer screening member led eventMembers reclined in uber-comfortable fatboy chairs and settled in for a night of laughter, reveling in Wiseau’s disastrous masterpiece. If you want to check out the movie for yourself, we recommend attending one of the countless interactive screenings across the globe. The Sunshine Cinema Globe in New York City hosts monthly screenings, spoons optional.

And for those who have already seen it, keep an eye out for James Franco’s mockumentary of the film’s making, already in post-production, starring popular names like Zac Efron, Bryan Cranston, Seth Rogan, Josh Hutcherson, and many, many more.

Edwina’s movie night was a huge success, so she decided to put on weekly movie screenings in Common Havemeyer’s movie theater.

member led event

What’s on deck for July’s Member Led event? A wine and painting night at one of our Crown Heights homes.

Interested in living in community? Fill out a five minute application to live in Common here.

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