A Happy Home Starts with a Happy Community

Maintaining and growing a harmonious community at Common is one of our top priorities. Part of creating thriving shared living environments, in which two to five people are sharing a suite (with private bedrooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms), is being prepared for tensions that arise as a natural result of cohabitation.

Havemeyer Members on Roof happy homeOur Member Experience team creates systems that address potential issues before they come up. Since we can’t predict everything, we also have checks in place to make sure issues don’t escalate to the point where they interfere with a member’s enjoyment of our homes.

Staying ahead of issues

1) Membership is all-inclusive

Membership at Common is all about the “2 C’s” – Convenience and Community. Included in a monthly membership are the following:

  • A fully furnished suite (private bedroom and shared living area, kitchen, and bathroom)
  • All utilities
  • Super fast wifi (perhaps one of the most important features of all)
  • Free laundry in the building
  • Weekly cleaning of shared spaces
  • Re-stocking of shared supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, soaps, and detergents)
  • And, of course, community events like screenings, yoga, and potluck dinners.

potluck dinner burgers happy home

This all-inclusive membership is crucial to our members’ happiness because it eliminates the majority of common suitemate issues before they even have a chance to come up.

Our research identified that people living together typically fight over mundane, solvable problems: Whose turn it is to buy toilet paper, to clean the kitchen, or to cover the wifi bill. Guess what? At Common, it’s always our turn.

2) The “Common Sense” provides a buffer

We make onboarding an extremely simple and friendly process, with only a few important documents for new members to review. One of these is our Code of Conduct, or “The Common Sense.” Every Common member must read and sign off on this prior to moving in, ensuring that our entire community has agreed to a shared set of guidelines that  we feel are essential to harmonious shared living:

  • Please leave common areas exactly as you would like to find them
  • Shared living means sharing resources and space
  • Divide and conquer responsibilities
  • Try to sort it out, but know that we are here for you

Pretty simple, right? This not only assures that members join Common in agreement about how to share space, but also provides an opportunity for us to step in if needed when issues arise, reminding members of these basic guidelines.

We also make sure through our vetting process that all members are interested and excited about being part of a community, by asking as part of our short application: “How will you contribute to the community?” This leads to a selection bias in which we’re assuring our members are social and want to live with other people.

When issues do arise, we’re ready

1) House Leaders live in every Common home

bryan annelie cole house leaders happy home

Bryan, Cole, and Annelie, three of our current House Leaders.

Our House Leaders are Common members who have stepped up for leadership roles and act as 24-hour in-home support on both community issues like moving in new members and organizing events. They also assist with property services tasks like restocking.

House Leaders provide the first line of communication when it comes to any suitemate issues. They are well versed in all Common policies and procedures and know exactly who to escalate issues to if needed.

2) We make it easy to transfer

We want members to find a home at Common and we realize that sometimes that doesn’t happen on the first try. For any issues that require a member moving into a new suite or home, we make it easy for them to do so; any member can transfer into a new suite with 24 hours notice, pending availability.

Common Pacific Albany Havemeyer Rooms happy homeWant to apply to live in Common? You can fill out an application in just minutes, from anywhere.

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