Meet the Neighbors: Local Small Businesses in Williamsburg

An important aspect of living at Common is the unexpected perks. As often as possible, we try to provide our members with new and exciting opportunities to explore their surroundings. This time, we introduced them to the best local small businesses in the neighborhood.

Meeting the Neighbors
Towards the end of June, we invited local small business owners to hang out on the roof of our new Williamsburg location and meet some of our members. Our members are constantly out and about, so we brought our local favorites to them. We organized a meet and greet breakfast with the Williamsburg community in June.

members local small businesses breakfast williamsburg

Attendees included local coworking spaces, restaurants, coffee shops, and more, among which were: Lil Choc Apothecary, Humboldt & Jackson, Northerly, Caracas Arepa Bar, Summers, coworking space The Yard, and homemade food delivery application Umi.

local small businesses breakfast williamsburg

Julia Kravets’ creperie Lil Choc Apothecary is the first all vegan creperie in Brooklyn; their burrito crepe is a must-try. Umi founder Khalil Tawil hopes to empower great chefs to share their kitchen creations with the greater New York area. Users can sign up to run their own Umi kitchens or simply order great food from talented individuals. Then Umi chefs deliver their creations straight from their kitchen to yours.

Summers Local Small Businesses WilliamsburgOur members headed to the roof before work for cold press coffee from Northerly, egg sandwiches from Summers, and homemade passionfruit juice from Caracas Arepa Bar, among many of the other offerings. We especially loved the watermelon cold press juice from Summers and the almond scones from Lil Choc Apothecary.
local small businesses breakfast williamsburgWe loved hearing our members make plans to get lunch at Summers or try out a month of co-working at The Yard. Humboldt & Jackson owner William Reed invited our members to an all-you-can-eat fish boil a week later. About 20 members organized a group outing and they also plan to visit his Bushwick bar and restaurant: Father Knows Best.

Coming Up
A similar meet and greet is in the works for Crown Heights. We look forward to hosting many more events like this in all our homes. If you know any local small businesses who would like to be connected to the Common community, have them reach out to so we can include them in the next event.

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