Sublets, Shared Living, and More: Finding a Home in NYC

Finding a home can be a long and cumbersome process. Finding a home in a big city takes even more work. Nowadays there are so many choices. We’re here to help break it down for you.

new york sublets

To Own or Not to Own? The Traditional Route

You could always own your home, but prices in big cities like New York, San Francisco, or Washington DC are constantly increasing. If you are the type of person who is moving around for work, home ownership may be a burden.

Traditional leases, as they force you to commit for 12-24 months, are also not the prime options. Your choices become limited if you don’t want to break a lease or incur unwanted fees.

What’s With All the Sublet Hype? The Flexible Option

Sublets are great because they are often furnished and provide flexibility if you do not need a home for more than six months. There are many ways to sublet apartments or rooms nowadays. So many apps and websites have popped up to make this process very easy.

  • Airbnb
  • Craigslist
  • Skylight
  • Facebook groups
  • Social media

Subletting may seem too good to be true, but underneath the surface are complications that may outweigh the apparent flexibility and ease. A sublessor must get the approval of their landlord. Before you become a subtenant, make sure to get a copy of the lease and check with the landlord or management company that this transaction is legal.

Illegal sublets are more common than not, so always do your homework. Being an illegal subtenant is risky because you can get kicked out if discovered, but also unpleasant as you don’t get the same benefits as a legal subtenant. If you need something fixed you can’t freely contact the super or landlord.

Why do so many choose shared living? Community and convenience

So maybe you’re not ready for the commitment of ownership and want to avoid the risks of subletting.

new york subletsThe benefits of shared living are endless: the shared expenses, the company, and the possibility of affording to live in a neighborhood you otherwise couldn’t on your own. Not to mention a group of people to explore it with!

Curious to learn more? You can apply to join our community in just five minutes. No broker fees or lengthy forms to fill out. Our memberships start at a minimum of three months, to offer you the freedom and flexibility that fits your lifestyle.

At Common, you’ll have your own bedroom with many friendly suitemates a door away. Common homes are fully furnished with our members in mind. We provide beautiful basics and you put your own touch on your spaces.

new york subletsJoining a Common home can be a great alternative to searching for a Williamsburg sublet. Our homes are always located near great eats, local transportation, and some of our favorite local small businesses. Are you ready to join the Common community? Schedule a Tour!

A Happy Home Starts with a Happy Community

Maintaining and growing a harmonious community at Common is one of our top priorities. Part of creating thriving shared living environments, in which two to five people are sharing a suite (with private bedrooms and shared kitchens and bathrooms), is being prepared for tensions that arise as a natural result of cohabitation. Our Member Experience […]