Discovering Brooklyn’s Best Karaoke Spot

What’s better than some psychedelic lights, a disco ball and a few microphones? Not much. That’s why our members headed to Insa Karaoke in Brooklyn for this September’s monthly member-led event. While many New Yorkers are familiar with Korea Town’s vast karaoke bar offerings, few are familiar with Brooklyn’s karaoke scene.


When members want to host their own event for the community, we provide them with a budget. Members submit their event ideas monthly, and we pick one per month per city. Our New York community has hosted many diverse and fun events and we can’t wait to see what San Francisco will have in store.

Jane, a member of Common Havemeyer in Brooklyn decided to organize her first Member-Led Event with a karaoke theme. She planned this outing because, “As a karaoke fan myself, I thought it was time to show everyone what Brooklyn had to offer.” Jane found Brooklyn’s best karaoke spot and invite the community to join here.


Insa Karaoke is known amongst Brooklyn natives as one of the, if not the, best places to unwind with a mic in hand. Aside from its delicious Korean BBQ, which a few members couldn’t help but sneak out to enjoy during the festivities, it offers various themed private rooms. Best of all, each room provides two mics (perfect for duets) and two TVs (perfect when you feel the urge to do a 180 mid-song).

Without sounding overzealous, our NYC Common members truly brought down the house last Thursday. The participants of this event represented almost all of Common’s NYC homes from Crown Heights and Williamsburg. Members spent the evening flipping through the songbook, queuing up an eclectic series of songs and singing as a group while shaking tambourines to the beat (well, kind of to the beat). Brooklyn’s best karaoke spot will never be the same.

Our member led events range from monthly book clubs to wine and paint nights to comedy club outings. We love seeing the creative community building ideas our members come up with. Read about some of our past events and apply to join our community here.



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