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Meet our Fall Interns

Recently, Common has had great luck in working with our fantastic new interns. They are significant additions to the Community, Marketing, Admissions, and Real Estate teams. Hear what Amal, Peter, and Julia have to say about their experience working at Common.

AMAL – Marketing and Admissions Intern at Common

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and came here when I was about five years old. I am Russian, Syrian, and Tatar. Since Uzbekistan was part of the former Soviet Union, my first language is Russian.

I am 22 and am currently attending Baruch College as part of the Undergraduate Honors Zicklin School of Business Program. There, I study marketing management and have a double minor in graphic design and advanced business analysis

A recent team outing to Escape the Room.

Why did you want to intern at Common?
I wanted to work with intelligent people who have drive and passion, who are able to touch and inspire you. At Common, this happens in ways I wouldn’t always be able to find interning in a big company.

What is your team working on?
I intern on the Marketing and Admissions team, working directly with the Head of Growth. We are always talking to potential members and answering their questions about Common. This requires a lot of activity on social media and the management of various other campaigns. As we continue to scale, we must understand how to open Common in new cities and evaluate the best approach to our potential members within this market.

Describe what working on the team is like?
It’s really fast paced. It’s also a lot of communication between our team.

What has been your favorite part of working at Common?
My favorite part of working at Common has been that no matter how many tasks I have to get through in the day, and no matter how tired I am in the morning, the hustle and inspiration is contagious. This is no doubt because of the wonderful people we work with, and the incredible managers that make us feel like Common is our home.

Students from Ohio State University visited our office to learn about startup marketing.

What is something you learned working at Common?
I’ve definitely learned a lot of things. Some terminology I never knew, new forms of software that make our data analysis easier. I now have a deeper understanding of marketing, communications, and analytics. And of course personal skills like organization and interpersonal communication. Maybe even some management skills. The fast-paced startup culture is, in my opinion, the best way to learn and grow as an individual.

PETER – Community Intern at Common

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a recent graduate of Boston University from the School of Hospitality with an emphasis on Event Planning and Real Estate Finance. I was born on Long Island in the town of Port Washington, but have moved to the city following graduation.

I really love connecting people with organizations, other people, or causes that they otherwise wouldn’t have been exposed to. I think there’s a great deal to be learned from individuals with different interests and perspectives, which is why I feel Common’s coliving concept is amazing.

Peter helped his team Escape the Room at a recent team outing.

Why did you want to intern at Common?
Following my graduation from BU, I knew that I didn’t want to go into the traditional hospitality sectors that were available to recent grads (restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, etc.). Instead, I sought out companies that were disrupting these archaic industries with innovative ideas and a fresh perspective.

After seeking advice from a family friend who was aware of Common and their concept, I immediately became fascinated by the business model and looked to get involved in any way possible. Lucky for me, the position of Community Intern opened up during my search, and two weeks later I was on the phone for an interview.

Peter at our recent Local Roots NYC event at Common Baltic.

Describe what working on your team is like?
Working for the Community team is awesome. Our role interacts with so many different departments, making it the perfect environment to learn all about everything Common has to offer.
The needs of Common’s NYC community are constantly changing, so the Community team must always be prepared to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. It’s certainly fast paced, but that means that there’s never a boring day!

What is your team working on?
We are always trying to improve our members’ experience as part our community. We’re constantly making adjustments based on the feedback we receive from our trusty House Leaders and through casual chats with the members via Slack.

Currently, I’m working on organizing and communicating all the various volunteer opportunities taking place in the Brooklyn area during the holiday season. Our members really want to get involved in the local community and it’s our job to make that process as easy as possible for them!

I actually just completed a recent project where members came together to help paint a beautiful mural on the side of one of our homes, while also incorporating a charity donation element from Common via social media.

Peter, Common members, and our neighbors in Williamsburg paint a mural on Common Havemeyer’s wall.

What is something you learned while working at Common?
Prior to working at Common I considered myself a fairly organized person, but after a few months here I’ve already learned so much (thanks Hadas). Being on top of tasks is crucial to my role within Community, so it’s been amazing to learn all the various methods and tools for keeping track of my many to dos. I’m also grateful that everyone at Common is super friendly and willing to answer any questions I may have.

New York Knicks and Carolina Panthers
Red Oaks, a TV show
UCB Theater in Chelsea (Whiplash Mondays are my jam)
Bayview Deli in my hometown of Port Washington has the best cajun mayo on Long Island

Secret Power
I can spend an endless amount of time with dogs

JULIA – Real Estate Intern at Common

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Hi! I’m Julia. I’m currently a junior at New York University studying economics and urban development.
I’m originally from Pennsylvania, but since moving to New York, I’ve lived in the West Village, the East Village, and now, in Gramercy. I love finding emerging bands, and thus I kind of wish I lived in Common Havemeyer for easy access to Brooklyn’s music scene.

Why did you want to intern at Common?
I’ve always been really fascinated with cities and the dynamics of the communities that develop within them. A friend of mine at NYU introduced me to Common, and I was immediately interested in its mission of fostering a close-knit network of people.
New York City is an amazing place, but without friends, it would be pretty tough to enjoy its many offerings. I find Common’s practice of connecting open-minded individuals to be very valuable, and I’m so fortunate to be part of the process.

Celebrating a birthday in the office.

Describe what working on your team is like?
Real estate is a lot of fun! The team has a great dynamic. Everyone is super collaborative and possesses a work ethic that promotes the success of the entire team over the success of an individual. It’s really rewarding to see a home open when you’ve had a chance to see the many details that go into it.
Before joining Real Estate in August, I interned with the Admissions and Marketing teams. Working with them forced me to consider Common as a product to market. I was able to see the ins and outs of admission tours and was challenged with our member acquisition process.

I believe that learning to see Common from a potential member’s point of view has allowed me to judge prospective real estate deals from a branding perspective that I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

What is your team working on?
Always trying to find the next Common home.

What is something you learned while working at Common?
On a large scale, Common has really helped improve my communication and organizational skills. We have several team members on the West Coast, so I’ve become pretty good at scheduling calls that work despite the time zone differences, ha.

Additionally, because I’m only in the office two days per week, I’ve (almost!) learned how to manage my time so that I can complete work, but also attend our regular real estate team meetings and various one-on-ones with others.

The team on our summer offsite at the Berkshires.

If you could have an animal for hands, which animal would it be and why?
Cats! I feel like they’re really aerodynamic, and obviously, they have quick reflexes!

Radiohead, jet lag that makes you wake up really early and creates extra hours in your day, Trainspotting, when you’re on the subway and you magically have music offline that you didn’t know you had downloaded, John Oliver, A Tribe Called Quest (#ripPhife), my brother and sister, the almond croissants at La Colombe, David Foster Wallace…

We will continue to feature three more of our hardworking interns regularly. Interested in helping make housing better? Apply here to join our team.

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