Move-In Day at Common

After you finally find your dream home, there’s still one more important step: moving in.

Moving has never been an easy process. Deciding what to keep, what to donate, or what to sell is a long, often emotional, process. Then figuring out how to transfer all these items can be a logistical nightmare. 

Move-in day can be bittersweet too. Once you get to your new place, working on getting your cable, wifi, gas, electric, and all other items set up can make you pull your hair out.

Calling moving a bit of a hassle is an understatement. Yet for Common members, move-in day ishassle-free, and dare we say it, fun!

Let’s go through a typical move-in day at any Common home:

Step 1: Bring your suitcase and the rest is ready for you

That’s all you need to do. Check out some snaps of our various rooms in NYC and SFO.

“It was really easy all I needed to bring was my clothes.” G, Crown Heights

“It was so easy. Everything was there except my clothes!” L, Crown Heights

“I showed up with nothing but a suitcase of clothes, and that’s all I needed to get settled!” A, Crown Heights

Step 2: Get the Grand Tour from your House Leader

Our House Leaders greet our members on move-in day, help them with their bags, and give them a full tour of their new home. Members enter a home completely ready for them. Their home is fully furnished with just what they need, plus a few extra items.


“Moving in was very easy. I had my room set up within a few hours and having the wifi password ahead of time was great.” Z, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

“The furniture is very comfy. The bed, in particular, is incredible.” H, SoMa, San Francisco

Step 3: Meet the Community

Move-ins tend to happen on Sundays between 3-6. As most members are home on Sundays, we encourage new members to move in on Sundays so they could meet their new suitemates.

Many new homes have Sunday dinner or brunch together, while our older homes host regular spontaneous events throughout the month. These events are pretty casual get-togethers that the house leaders help arrange based on their home’s mood that week. Let’s just say that brunch at Common Albany is spectacular, and obviously, delicious.

“I loved how easy it was, and that i got a chance to meet everyone on the first day so made things easier and less awkward “ D, Crown Heights

“I loved how willing people were to pitch in and help, socialize, and say hi.” J, Crown Heights

“The potluck dinner to meet everyone was great. And the fact that I could just take all of my stuff in an uber and not have to worry about furniture.” L, Crown Heights

Or just go to bed to prepare for your brand new life at Common

Some members arrive on Sunday after a long flight and with a new job waiting for them on Monday. They decide to meet their new housemates after they’ve rested up. Current members have been there and know they’ll get to meet their new neighbors later that week at the next house hang.

common living shared living bedrooms

Luckily new members have not only their bed made but their entire home made, ready for anything they may need without any set up.

“I loved that my bed was made and ready to sleep in.” J, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

“The furniture was great; I love the bed.” S, SoMa, San Francisco

“It was nice to have everything ready when I arrived especially having a bed made – it was nice to crash after my long flight” M, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

On move-in day, new members enter their homes completely ready for them and that’s just how we like it. As one of our members put it I am very pleased with my decision to move to Common. I have made some great friendships and met such interesting people. And nothing beats coming home to a warm environment after a long day of work.”

Want to experience this for yourself? Schedule a tour here.

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