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Common Baltic: An Expanded Vision of Community Living

I am pleased to announce our newest and largest home yet: Common Baltic. It will be home to upwards of 135 members in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn, and will open this winter. I’m especially excited to see this home come to life, as it’s a little different than any we’ve opened to date.

A preview of Common Baltic in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

A preview of Common Baltic in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

Since Common was founded a year ago, we’ve been a standard-bearer for coliving, which has typically meant private bedrooms that share a kitchen and living area. Over the past year we’ve grown into a passionate community of over 120 members living in our coliving homes in New York and San Francisco, with a new home soon to open in Washington, DC.

Our vision is to create communities where people know their neighbors. This encompasses coliving but is not exclusive to it – knowing your neighbors doesn’t necessarily mean you share a bathroom with them. We meet a lot of people who want Common’s community and our dedication to creating a great member experience, but also the larger private space they’d get in a more traditional apartment. In fact, Common’s most popular rooms available are designed for couples and feature private bathrooms, and a significant number of couples live in Common.


Members toasting one another in San Francisco, celebrating during a hike at the Berkshires, and grabbing lunch in their backyard in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

At Common Baltic, we’ll be able to meet this need even more directly. In addition to the 70 members living in coliving suites, we will be opening 67 Common studio and one-bedroom apartments. Like any other studio or one-bedroom, Common apartments feature more private space, including a private bathroom and kitchen.

As more and more of us pack into already dense cities, we feel more socially isolated than ever. By including a variety of apartment layouts, we are able to bring our brand of community to a broader group of people. Living in Common means you won’t only know your neighbors, but you’ll have a group of people you can laugh, cry, and kick back with – all next door.

Members moving into Common studios and one-bedrooms will be Common members just like our coliving residents. They will join through our seamless online onboarding process. They’ll use Slack, our online chat and community app. They’ll have optional access to Common conveniences including weekly cleaning, shared supplies, and furnishing. And most importantly, they’ll be part of our community.

Like all our homes, Common Baltic will feature House Leaders on every floor to encourage members get to know each other and host their own events and gatherings. We are excited to create programming that includes Common staples, such as book club, movie nights, wine and paint night, and outings to support local small businesses. We’ll look to our new members at Common Baltic to create new traditions and continue to shape the community.

We’ll be releasing more information on Common Baltic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’re very excited to take the idea of knowing your neighbors to the next level by opening our community to an even wider audience.

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