Snow in the Summer: A Movie Screening

Common sponsors monthly outings for our members in each neighborhood to get to know one another. We also support our members when they want to plan their own events. Once a month, members can apply to organize an outing of their choice. Our community team and house leaders pick the entry that would bring the community together and is, simply, fun!


Member-Led Events

Jane from our Williamsburg home brought the community together for singing and delicious Korean food. Danny from Williamsburg and Alex from Crown Heights joined forces to teach our members to paint their own masterpieces. On a regular basis, Cole leads a book club covering all sorts of genres in his Crown Heights home and via hangouts now that our community has grown to the West Coast.


The Fourth Phase

Earlier this summer, Marty from our Williamsburg home, hosted a screening of a new release The Fourth Phase in the beautiful movie room at Common Havemeyer. Travis Rice and Red Bull, the creators of the film, distributed the film online. All you had to do was sign up as a screening site and invite the public. Add some sushi and beer and you’ve got a perfect Sunday evening at Common.


The Fourth Phase is a film that follows professional snowboarder Travis Rice and 12 “riders” as they embark on a 15,000-mile trek through the snowy North Pacific Rim. It’s an adrenaline-fueled film, with an avalanche scene that will leave you breathless.

One of our more enthusiastic athletes at Common, Marty is one of the founding members of the Slack channel #hav-running-club. There, the early risers plan their morning runs across the Williamsburg bridge or other quality running routes. Many members were pretty excited about the screening. Who wouldn’t love sitting in an air conditioned comfy movie room while watching snowy scenes during the hot and humid New York summer?


Marty wanted to share the experience of watching this film with his housemates and the local community in Williamsburg who would see Common Havemeyer as an option and come visit. Marty proposed a simple plan: “have some food, drinks, watch the premiere, and generally get excited for winter.” The screening was quite the success!

Our members were excited about a different type of screening event. Zoran, from Williamsburg, shared, “It was a great night! It was great to meet some new friends from our neighborhood that registered for the event online.” Alice, also from Williamsburg, agreed, “It was cool to meet the locals and new members from other Common homes I haven’t met yet!”

Weekly Get-Togethers

Marty’s screening allowed those who were never hardcore ski and snowboarding buffs to peek in and try something new. For most, all it took was walking down a flight of stairs.

Every week our members get together to hang out. When Game of Thrones was on, Sunday night was the night to meet up, order in from their local favorites, and watch the epic fantasy. Later, different homes gravitated towards different shows to watch, created movie screening schedules, or branched out to try other events.

Learn more about our community and schedule a tour to get to know our homes, here.

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