A New Butterfly in Williamsburg: The Butterfly Effect

The holiday season always puts everyone in the giving spirit. When one of our Community interns, Peter, heard about the Butterfly Effect, he knew it was the perfect way for our members to give back to the community.


Artist and entrepreneur, Tasha Wahl founded the Butterfly Effect in 2013 in the hope that through art and small acts of kindness, the world can become a better place. Her art is embodied by the concept popularized by Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” In 2016, Wahl2Wall art installations began to encourage a new way to give charity through social media.

One Sunday afternoon, Common members along with the greater Williamsburg community gathered outside our Common Havemeyer home to fill in the stencil of large butterfly wings. They designed the wings with cool patterns and even added the Common logo for a personalized touch.



After it was finished, members took photos posing with the butterfly wings and shared it on social media using the hashtags #commongivesback and #butterflyeffect. Here are a few we found on Instagram so far.

spread the positivity #butterflyeffect #williamsburg #thanksgiving

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🦋 Part I

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🦋 Part II

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#bethechange #butterfly #effect #butterflyeffect #streetart #speaking #truth #graffiti #art #modernart #beautiful #brooklyn #nyc

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Common is using these photos to give back to the local Williamsburg community. For each photo of these wings on social media, we are donating $10 to Reconnect Brooklyn. This organization helps employ Brooklyn’s youth to help create a better community in the future.

Thanks to Tasha and everyone who participated Williamsburg is now home to a new butterfly.

Learn more about our community and schedule a tour here.

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