Couples at Common

For Valentine’s Day, we’re checking in with just a few of the many couples that live at Common. What’s it really like to live with your significant other plus several suitemates? We spoke to three couples living in Common homes in San Francisco and Brooklyn.

couples at common

Meet Mafalda and reino, living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn
reino mafalda itd2

Coming From: South of France (Mafalda), South Africa (Reino)
Time in NY: 1 year
Time at Common: 7 months
Home: Common Albany
Mafalda works in banking
Reino is a SAP technical consultant
Hobbies: Travelling and discovering new countries, cultures, and restaurants.
Horse riding and sailing, competitive PC gaming, golfing, and pool/billiards.

NYC Discoveries: Murray’s Cheese, East Village Cheese and the many rooftop
bars in Manhattan and Williamsburg.

Mafalda and Reino’s Story

Mafalda: Our move was complicated with Reino leaving his country for the first time and myself going back to France then coming to New York. Common gave us the flexibility and ease to move without having to worry about finding a temporary place for 2 weeks and a permanent place. I had to deal with this process in Chile and South Africa and often the limited time you have to find THE place makes it stressful and you end up finding a place that is not what you wished for.

I guess moving into Common had a risk but it was worth taking! We also wanted to make friends (preferably Americans) so what better way than to share a house. We now are a family within a bigger family!


Reino: I don’t feel like I can really add any more to Mafalda’s answer, except to maybe highlight again how easy it was to move into Common. If you look at all the stresses involved in uprooting your life and moving to a new country, moving into Common was completely stress-free.

Not only that, the chance to instantly meet new, friendly, like-minded people who make you feel part of a community, made a huge difference. My mom told me, before leaving for the US, that it’s easy to feel alone in a big city, and Common solved that problem.

Mafalda: I would say that living at Common as a couple is not different than living as a single person. If we want privacy, we have our rooms. The great thing is also the fact that we have our own bathroom.
Community-wise, living at Common gives us some space if we need it; Reino can watch soccer with the guys and I can chat with the girls whenever I want to!

Reino: I don’t really think I can add anything else to this. It’s so easy!

albany brunch itd2

Mafalda: Out of all the events we’ve attended as part of the Common community, I don’t think I can pick a favourite, but I think our Sunday brunches make Common Albany feel like home to us! Reino: I also love the Sunday brunches. The cocktail class we had recently was great! Ben, from Common Pacific, organized it well and used his budget well. We got to learn how to make some classic cocktails, and just drink, laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

The impromptu get-togethers we’ve had at Common Albany are some of my favorite “events.” People randomly get back from work, have a drink, and before you know it we are still hanging and having fun at 2am, or watching a movie or tv show together.

Fun Facts we discovered through this chat? Reino is fluent in English, Afrikaans, and German. Mafalda competed in Rhythmic Gymnastics from ages 6 to 18.

Meet Angela and Chelsea, living in Williamsburg, Brooklynchelsea angela couples at common

Coming From: San Diego (Angela) Santa Fe (Chelsea)
Time in NY: 3 months
Time at Common: 3 months
Home: Common Havemeyer
Angela works in Theater and Film
Chelsea is a Professional Dancer
Hobbies: Angela- hockey, Chelsea- learning French
NYC Discovery: Dō, a place like an ice cream shop, but instead you get scoops
of cookie dough! The future is now!

Angela and Chelsea’s Story

Moving to New York was a little daunting and we chose Common because it made it easy. We liked that there was no broker fee and for the price of our rent, so much was included. It has been great to move into such a nice, furnished apartment while we get settled in the city.

The events at Common are great for us, as a couple, to make mutual friends. It’s also awesome that we have professional cleaners come in once a week, so we don’t have to worry about splitting up chores in the shared spaces. Nice thing to not have to worry about in a relationship. 🙂


We absolutely loved going ice skating at Prospect Park before the holidays. It was fun to meet people from all the different houses with such a laid-back and fun activity. We have been skating at many different rinks on both coasts, but that one was pretty great.

Meet Dianna and Micah living in SoMa, San Francisco

couples at common dianna and micah Coming From: Their hometown in Texas
Time in SF: 1 year
Time at Common: 4 months
Home: Common Minna
Micah is a professional sales trainer
Dianna manages Sparking Young Duo, their couple’s lifestyle and travel blog
Hobbies: photography, cooking, and coffee drinking 🙂
SF Discoveries: Hiking Lands End, Sam Wo, Dandelion Chocolate, and Sightglass

Dianna and Micah’s Story

Choosing to live at Common was simple, because of how convenient it was. With everything furnished and included along with the community, Common made it easier for us to meet people in a city where we knew no one. It also seemed to have a good amount of privacy for “shared housing” as well and has proven to be a great choice!


The best part about living at Common as a couple is it makes it easy to have friends outside of work and a fun community of people to hang out with, but still get plenty of “us” time. Living at Common as a couple you would think it would be difficult to have privacy, but Common has been such a perfect balance for us.

Our favorite event at Common has been Friendsgiving. It was so much fun to see everyone come together and bring things that related to their different cultures. It was also special to Micah and I, because it was the first holiday we had spent away from family. Having friends to gather with was super nice.

Couples at Common enjoy their own space with the opportunity to join the community whenever they want. Couples looking to live at Common can choose from many homes in both San Francisco and New York. At our newest home in Brooklyn, Common Baltic, couples can enjoy even more private space in a studio or one bedroom apartment. To learn more about the Common community, request a call here.

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