One Night at Uncommon – Common Pacific’s Speakeasy

Common sponsors monthly outings for our members in each neighborhood to get to know one another. We also support our members when they want to plan their own events. Once a month, members can apply to organize an outing of their choice. Our community team and house leaders pick the entry that would bring the community together and is, simply, fun! In January, our member Ben decided to share some tricks from his bartending days with the community—read his recap below:

The cocktail class event at Common Pacific.

One of the best aspects of Common’s coliving is the opportunity for members to exchange interests and skills among each other. I’m currently a member of Common Pacific in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. For our most recent Member-Led Event, I volunteered to spend an evening teaching the community one of my favorite pastimes. I took an opportunity to showcase my bartending skills by hosting a cocktail class at my homemade bar, Uncommon Speakeasy.

The cocktail class event at Common Pacific in Brooklyn.

However, there was no beer, rum and Coke, or vodka soda being served up at this speakeasy. Using some Common funding, I purchased all of the tools, ingredients, and liquors needed to teach 20 of our members about the history, technique, and process for six classic, craft cocktails.

Ben's cocktail class for the community.

The first drink on the menu was a classic Sazerac—credited with being the first ever American cocktail. Participants started the night off with a zing by mixing up sugar cubes, bitters, whiskey, and a bit of lemon oil finished off with an absinthe wash. Members then went on to enjoy a locally appropriate Manhattan, and the whiskey course finished with a Negroni variant called a Boulevardier.

Members learned how to create 5 signature cocktails.

The second round of drinks catered to the tastes of gin lovers, and those looking for a sweeter finish to their sip. As a second nod to those with a penchant for absinthe, I taught the class how to make my personal favorite—a Corpse Reviver #2. This drink features equal parts of gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, and freshly squeezed lemon juice. It is served up in a chilled coupe glass, and finished with a cherry and absinthe wash.

Members learned how to create 5 signature cocktails.

The Common mixologists then made dirty martinis, and finished the evening with the crowd pleaser—a craft gin and tonic made with small batch tonic syrup.

Throughout the night, my apprentices not only pulled distinct flavors from the drinks, but enjoyed spending time gleaning the flavors and talents of the others in their community. Members can practice their newfound skills with Common’s new sets of bartending tools, and we are already planning for a second cocktail course to be offered in the spring.

Here are some more pics from that night:

Ben explaining how to make these delicious drinks.Ben explaining how to make these delicious drinks.

To ensure you’re enrolled in Ben’s next class, apply to join our community here.

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