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Imagine if the best rooftop in town were your own. At Common, many members can make this claim.

When we set out to find homes across the country, community spaces are incredibly important. Groups of homes in each neighborhood tend to complement each other with different types of community spaces, so Common members can have options.

Scroll below to see things from our members’ points of view.

SoMa, San Francisco

Meet Dianna and Micah, our House Leaders at Common Minna in San Francisco. They previously shared their stories as one of the Couples at Common and a recap of the Halloween Housewarming party they helped host.

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Common members love spending time on their roofdeck at Common Minna in SoMa, San Francisco.

Common members love spending time on their rooftop at Common Minna in SoMa, San Francisco.

Common Valencia, minutes away from Common Minna, also has its own private roof deck. Members love dining together, stargazing, and hosting their friends. Pictured here: a recent BBQ at Common Valencia where members of both homes and their friends got together for some good times.

BBQs at Common Valencia in SoMa, San Francisco are a frequent event.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn

An oldie but a goodie. Common Havemeyer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn opened in the Summer of 2016. Members from New York jumped at the opportunity to host many events including BBQs, meet ups, and Sunday night dinner on their large private rooftop. Here’s a patriotic snap of a member during a holiday BBQ.

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Every common area in a Common home is fully furnished with our members in mind. From picnic benches and lounge chairs to bottle openers affixed to the roof itself, we’ve got you covered.

Common Havemeyer's rooftop is outfitted with everything members need including bottle openers.

Two members from Common Havemeyer enjoying a breakfast hosted by the local businesses in Williamsburg who stopped by last summer. Read more about who attended here.

Two members enjoy breakfast on the rooftop on Common Havemeyer in Williamsburg.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Ali, a member from Crown Heights, shared this snap of Common Herkimer‘s views of Downtown Brooklyn and Manhattan. Common Herkimer is currently the fourth home in Crown Heights which means the community is larger than ever. With Common Kingston, Common Albany, and Common Pacific nearby, members can always find something to do and people to hang out with whenever.


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James, Ali, Farid, and Abubakar on move in day at Common Herkimer. All four were current Common members who heard about a new home opening and jumped at the chance to transfer and try something new.

Members at Common Herkimer enjoy an afternoon on their private rooftop.

The view from Common Herkimer in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

A member enjoys working from home on his private rooftop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Common Baltic, with its outdoor kitchen and dining area, gorgeous greenery, and expansive views, is already a favorite spot for our members in the neighborhood. Members head up to their private rooftop for impromptu hangouts, regular BBQs, or because that champagne bottle needed opening.

Members of Common Baltic in Boerum Hill love hanging out on their private rooftop.

The private rooftop at Common Baltic in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

The private rooftop at Common Baltic in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.


Besides the rooftops and views, as a member in our coliving suites, you’ll have your own private bedroom in a brand new, fully furnished home with all utilities and WiFi set up. You’ll know your neighbors, meet new people, and save money. All you have to do is unpack.

Learn more about our homes and apply to join our community here.

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