5 Reasons We Love Boerum Hill

Hi! I’m Jon, and I’m both a Common member and Common intern this summer. As a journalism major at the Maryland-based University of Maryland, I’m excited to share my adventures as this is my first time in the big city. After spending a semester in London, I’m excited to seek out my favorite New York spots, and Boerum Hill was certainly one of my favorites so far.

That’s me and my best bud, Daniel, a fellow Common member.


The most exciting thing about Boerum Hill for me is its central location. It’s a pretty quiet neighborhood, yet the Atlantic-Barclays subway station has so many MTA stops. I can easily get to where I need to go in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and even Long Island through the LIRR.

The Barclays Center

I may be new to the city, yet even I’d heard of the Barclays Center. This summer, I’m hoping to check out a game or concert. On my shortlist? The NBA Draft on June 22, Kendrick Lamar on July 20, and WWE SMACKDOWN LIVE (!) on August 22.

Proximity to Barclays Center is one of the perks of living in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.


As someone who likes to eat at least two meals a day, I appreciate a good restaurant scene. On my list of To-Eats are:

  • Van Leeuwen on Bergen Street features homemade artisan ice cream
  • Bedouin Tent on Atlantic Avenue offers low-price Middle Eastern bistro in a casual setting
  • Trendy French Louie serves you French-American meals in a contemporary setting.

I’m pretty excited and will report back.

My fellow Common members rave about Ample Hills Creamery (pictured below), Alamo Drafthouse, and Wolf and Deer.

Common members attend an event at Amply Hills Creamery, a favorite spot of theirs in Boerum Hill.


As alluded to earlier, Boerum Hill’s mix of peaceful lifestyle and central location is a big draw. I’ve quite enjoyed lounging in restaurants’ outdoor areas, taking in the fresh air without an ambulance rushing by every 13 seconds. It’s a friendly area, and I love that many of the residents chill outside on their stoops.

Strolling through the streets of independent boutiques and restaurants in Boerum Hill has been one of my favorite things to do in New York so far. I also enjoy visiting my fellow Common members at Common Baltic just to hang out or to join in their scheduled events.

Boerum Hill is a pleasure to walk through.

Museums and Culture

A neighborhood is nothing to me without a number of museums and art venues, for I am an incredibly cultured boy. Boerum Hill hits the mark. I’m genuinely extremely excited to check out the New York Transit Museum on Boerum Place this summer. In terms of arts and music, there’s a lot to do and see as well. The Invisible Dog Art Museum has lots of exhibits on offer and with a name like that, I knew I’d want to visit. Both the Brooklyn Academy of Music and ISSUE Project Room are hosting quite a few shows this summer on just about any art form of which you can think.

The Transit Museum is one of the highlights of Boerum Hill.

If you want to learn more about Crown Heights, watch this space for my next post. If you’re interested in learning more or being a part of the community, click here.

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