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Staycation Favorites: Coast to Coast

Sometimes a staycation is the best way to go. For those living in a big city with so many things to do, you’ll never feel like you’re missing out. Here are our picks from our three favorite cities.

Old NYC Favorite with a Twist

Kayaking on the Hudson

Being surrounded by water certainly has its perks (in most situations). While we don’t often think of it this way, Manhattan is an island and there are plenty of aquatic activities to enjoy around the city. Kayaking the Hudson is a local favorite, with multiple locations along the river. When you’re done sailing the river blue, you can head to the waterfront and enjoy the myriad events taking place there: movie screenings, dancing, fishing, tours, and more.


New NYC Favorite


One of the first things Common’s Brooklyn members check off their “I Moved to Brooklyn” list is “Head to Smorgasburg.” With over 20,000 people in attendance, Smorgasburg is the largest open-air food market in the country. It’s got two Brooklyn locations (Williamsburg waterfront and Prospect Park), so there’s food from different local vendors in both parts of town. Don’t forget to try the famous ramen burger.


Old Favorite with a Twist

Food Trucks

While it’s no secret San Francisco’s cuisine is top-notch, what we really love isn’t necessarily what you’d expect. Gavan, from our Admissions team, spent some time at our homes Common Valencia and Common Minna in SoMa, and his recommendations were not the fancy restaurants but the food trucks. Gavan shares, “Hit up one of the three food truck parks (Soma Streat Food Park, Spark Food Truck Park, G Food Truck Lounge). Go as a group. It’s the most fun because you order different foods and share.” We’d like you to also report back on what we should try next time we’re in the area.


New San Francisco Favorite

Ina Coolbrith Park

Everyone knows that San Francisco has some great hiking routes. Jog or hike your way up to breathtaking skyline views of both the downtown of the city and Alcatraz Island at Ina Coolbrith Park, a real hidden gem in San Francisco. Since it’s so steep and high up, it’s inaccessible by car, so there aren’t too many tourists around. It truly is your secret hideaway.


Old DC Favorite with a Twist

Running with the Presidents

If you’ve already visited these spots before or you’re just not interested in tourist areas, try this approach. Wake up early or stay out late to take this scenic running route. The Washington Monument, honoring of the country’s first ever president, is the tallest obelisk in Central DC by quite some distance. It’s a beautiful spectacle to see whether you’re trodding along or on your jets. Enter the structure itself or bask in its glory and appreciate the striking views of both the Lincoln Memorial and its Reflection Pool right next door. This is an experience you don’t want to miss.


New DC Favorite

Gravelly Point Park

If you like both chilling outside and aviation, you should really go to Gravelly Point Park. Situated right next to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, the park is an excellent spot to watch as planes fly right above your head. It’s the perfect picnic spot, ripe for a fun perspective photo or two with a plane. Think of the Instagram opportunities…

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