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Weekend Getaways at The Brampton

Last year, members in New York took a trip together to the Berkshires. This year, many of our members took a memorable trip to The Brampton, a year-round camp catered to the over-high-school crowd. The isolated lodge and cabins, only 20 minutes from Lake George, are a favorite among Common members, and they certainly don’t disappoint.

From backflipping into rivers to swinging on vines to crowding ‘round the bonfire, our Brampton-goers enjoyed a multitude of outdoor activities.

Before all that, though, the excursion kicked off with some tension between the two waves of transportation. Member Marie-Loup, of Common Herkimer, issued a preemptive warning to the earlier crew.

But all was forgiven upon arrival when our members enjoyed a nice “Family Dinner” together in the lodge.

Next up was the sunshine portion of the itinerary. With some beautiful weather, our members were able to spend some quality time outdoors, a mini cruise, some Tarzan moves, and some lazier ways to have fun in the sun. Many of our members took some great snaps. Steven took a bunch of the great shots below. Check him out on Instagram for more.


It was an incredible endeavor for all involved, and they’re already planning another trip back there for September.

This wasn’t their first venture there either. Last winter, Common’s NY contingent enjoyed The Brampton’s wintry offerings of skiing, snowboarding, and the outdoors.


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“You should feel FOMO – The Brampton was the best weekend getaway,” Bryan, of Common Albany, said to the group. “We all had a blast hanging out on the slopes and in the lodge, and we all came together as a Common family too. I’m looking forward to going back again with you all soon.”

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