Hello, Chicago

We’re excited to announce that Common is opening three homes in Chicago this year, starting with Common Damen opening this month. Chicago is Common’s fourth and newest city and will join our growing communities in New York, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Chicago has long been on Common’s radar as a great American city that attracts people from all over the world. By coming to Chicago, we’re providing a living option for Chicagoans who value convenience and community: avoiding the usual hassles of roommates – like cleaning, furnishing, splitting the bills, and buying supplies – while living among a warm, welcoming group of people.

Common Damen contains 12 furnished bedrooms across three shared suites, each with an open-concept living room furnished with sofas by Interior Define, kitchen and dining space plus in-suite laundry. As in all Common homes, bedrooms at Common Damen are move-in ready, fitted with beds, and premium mattresses.

The four-story home features several community spaces including a ground floor community space for member-led events, an expansive roof deck with panoramic city views, and front and rear terraces for outdoor entertaining.

Since opening our first Common home in 2015, we’ve seen immense demand; we continue to receive between 500 and 700 new member applications per week. In addition to Common Damen, we now have almost a dozen homes in operation and are opening approximately one new home per month. Our largest home yet, Common Baltic, opened earlier this year with over 100 rooms or private apartments available.

Every new city we enter makes Common more valuable to all our members. Life doesn’t always map to twelve-month leases: people get new jobs, start new relationships, or simply want a change of pace. Therefore, Common members can move seamlessly among any Common home in any city within the term of their lease with us. We are excited to build our community in Chicago and continue making Common a warm and friendly home to all our members.

Interested? Schedule a tour to see Common Damen, here.

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