Reasons to Love Ridgewood

We recently announced our first home in Ridgewood, Common Cornelia. Yet not many people know about this hidden gem. So here’s the scoop: Ridgewood is a beautiful neighborhood right on the edge of Brooklyn and Queens.

Ridgewood, Queens is the perfect blend of residential and commercial.

Did you know long, long ago, Ridgewood was filled with rolling hills and beautiful trees? In fact, the name Ridgewood came from settlers who named the site based on the stunning green, hilly landscape. Settlers always seem to lack a certain amount of creativity and imagination, but that lack of imagination doesn’t show in this beautiful neighborhood.

It is now home to an incredibly diverse population with many amenities that are a true benefit for any resident.

Ridgewood sounds idyllic, yet where is it, again?

The neighborhood is located in Queens and borders the Bushwick and East Williamsburg neighborhoods in Brooklyn. This gives residents of Ridgewood access to plenty of cafes, eateries, and shops both within the neighborhood and in surrounding area. It’s the best of both worlds.

Ridgewood is right near Brooklyn and Queens with a quick commute to Manhattan.

Manhattan and Brooklyn – Close Enough to Touch

Ridgewood is super close to Williamsburg, which means Common Havemeyer is only 20 minutes away. Manhattan is also just 30 minutes away. You’ll have access to quite an amazing selection of things to do in three boroughs.

Wine Bars, Cupcakes, and Books, Oh My!

I know I’ve boasted about there being plenty to do in this neighborhood – now it’s time to tell you what some of the top locations are. If you’re in search of a top-notch bar or just want to spend a Sunday morning getting brunch, Ridgewood has quite a lot to offer.

Let’s take a look:

Shopping in Ridgewood
Ridgewood is home to some great, unique shops, such as Saint Seneca.
Saint Seneca is a quaint shop that offers charming items for everyone. I’m talking cute accessories, classy terrariums, adorable pet toys, and more. Make sure to stop in on your weekend shopping trip to find something to make your home your own.When in Ridgewood, definitely stop by Saint Seneca.

Bookstores are always a favorite, and understandably so. They are delightful places to relax and find a new world to delve into. Make sure to head to Topos Bookstore Cafe to purchase a new-to-you book to add to your collection while sipping on coffee or tea with your suitemates.

Good Eats in Ridgewood

If fresh bread is something that sounds delicious (let’s face it – it does), then head over to Grimaldi Bakery. You can get fresh bread or even purchase frozen to stock up on your favorites. The wonderful thing about shopping here? You get to support a local business that has been in operation since 1909.

Grimaldi Bakery is famous for a reason. Stop by for a taste.

You can also enjoy some tasty eats at Buttah Bakery where you can get any number of yummy sweet treats. In fact, I’ve heard people say that they serve the best cupcakes in all of New York City. I know I’m ready to go try one or twenty – how about you?

Another delightful spot is Julia’s Beer and Wine Bar. Sure, it is an excellent late night spot to enjoy with friends, but it is also a premium weekend brunch location.

Bars/Nightlife in Ridgewood

There’s plenty to do every night in Ridgewood making it a fun and lively location. Just what kind of nightlife does the neighborhood offer?

First of all, each summer is one big dance party when you go to MoMA PS1 Warm Up. This is a great way to celebrate the long days of summer while spending time with your friends and suitemates.

MoMa PS1 Warm Up is one of the summer's best events and is a quick trip from Ridgewood.

And if enjoying beer and cocktails outside is your thing, then you’ll definitely want to check out Nowadays Bar. You can get a number of yummy dishes while enjoying a night outdoors. Get ready to watch a few films or listen to live music – just check out their events page to see what’s happening.

While I enjoy having access to so many top notch outdoor events, there are times where I want to visit a great, classic bar. Onderdonk & Sons is just the place to enjoy beer and wine, with a quaint, vintage lounge feel.When you're in the mood for a great, classic bar head to Onderdonk & Sons in Ridgewood.

If casual is more your speed, however, then make sure you check out The Bad Old Days. This bar offers hip cocktails and casual eats, giving you the chance to unwind in a laid back atmosphere.

You can also head to the unique artisan market here in Ridgewood. I know, it sounds strange to have a market listed as a nightlife spot, but trust me, you’ll want to visit this weekend. The Ridgewood Market’s summer bazaar offers delicious German fare, as well as access to various vendors. These vendors sell everything from adorable crochet items to home decor and powerful art pieces. You’re sure to find something you’ll love all while enjoying tasty food and beer.

Transit Made Easy

Walking is a grand option in the neighborhood, but if you’re looking for a faster way to get to your destination, you can use the MTA. The Myrtle Avenue Line (M Train) runs through the main areas of Ridgewood and you can also access the Canarsie Line (L Train) to travel around the community.

The bus lines that serve Ridgewood are: B13, B26, B52, B54, Q55, Q58, B20, B38, Q39, and Q54.

What else is great about Ridgewood? Common's new home, Common Cornelia.

Come visit!

Now that you know all about it, why don’t you come see Ridgewood for yourself? If you’re interested in living in this lively neighborhood, schedule a tour to see Common Cornelia.

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