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Solutions for Carefree Small Space Living

One the many perks of coliving is a cleverly designed space. Another bonus? When we provide the essentials all you have to bring is yourself and your suitcase.

With the help of our Design and Construction team, we put together a great list that can help you maximize your space in simple, gorgeous ways. 

Think bright

One of the top suggestions for decorating a space of any size is keeping the decor and area bright. This means embracing open windows, making the most of their natural light. White curtains and bedding are also excellent, as white can help brighten any space. The brighter the space the roomier it looks and feels.

Keep it simple

It’s ridiculously easy to go overboard with decorating – we should know; it’s so exciting to see beautiful things and want to use them. When you live in a small space, you have to be really careful with how much decor you use. Make sure to always keep it simple – don’t overdo it.

A bedroom at Common MacArthur in Oakland, California.

Keep it tidy

Staying organized will save your life. Yes, it might be annoying at times to get your stuff organized, but it will help create a room that looks and feels larger. It will also help keep you stress-free and relaxed. Check that junk drawer, be realistic about what you actually need, and make sure you can access what you need easily.

Bring only what you need

This goes together with keeping it simple. Minimalism is a huge trend right now, and for good reason. It looks cleaner, it’s easier to maintain, it’s easier to organize, and it works excellently for small-space living. Plus, when the essentials are taken care of, you don’t really need to bring much.

Make it sparkle

No, I’m not referring to glitter, though there’s nothing wrong with adding a touch of glitter here and there. What I am referring to, however, is keeping your space clean. You’ll find that keeping clutter off of surfaces and keeping things dusted and clean are going to help make your space look larger immediately. 


Add a touch of life

Another great way to spruce up a small space is to add life to it. Think bright flowers, adorable succulents, or any favorite indoor plant. You can have gorgeous vases for freshly cut flowers or hanging terrariums that can add a simply magical feel to the area.

Plants and pets are the perfect combination for your lounge.

Be neutral

Bright, bold colors are fun but one of the best color palettes is neutral. If keeping to a neutral color palette is a little too drab for you, consider adding pops of bright color mixed in, but don’t rely completely on bold colors.

Go up

The higher up things go, the larger the space will look and feel. This means bookcases, using standing desks, and using tall storage options. In addition, you should try to put your curtains up high above your windows to give your room a more open feel.

Here are some more tips straight from our Designer and Project Manager, Caitlin Gury.

What are some of your favorite small space solutions?

  • Look for thoughtful ways to get your furniture off the floor. Small, wall-mounted desks that fold away, wall sconces instead of floor lamps, floating bookshelves instead of a case. Having lighter pieces will give you some breathing room in the space.
  • Create intentional places for items that can cause everyday clutter. Find a place to hang your keys, a wall-mounted holder for your mail. Set yourself up with systems to prevent cluttered surfaces.


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