I’m an Introvert and I Love Coliving

Some people interested in Common worry that they might not fit in yet Common members are very diverse. We have couples, singles, students, established professionals, and more. Some people love hanging out with their suitemates all the time and some really enjoy their private time.

We’ve had a few prospective members ask, “Dear Common, I’m a major introvert – I love my alone time, but coliving has really piqued my interest. Is coliving for introverts? Or just extroverts?”

Here’s how one of our “loud” and proud introverted members explains what living at Common is like for her.

Bedroom in our Havemeyer home

A bedroom at Common Havemeyer in Williamsburg.

Dear Fellow Introvert,

Being in a home with different people might seem like something that is just for extroverts. In fact, it may even seem like the answer to many an extrovert’s dreams. However, it isn’t just for them.

I know, it sounds exhausting at first to an introvert, but I can promise you this is something that anyone, extrovert or introvert, will enjoy.

We adore alone time but we also enjoy social time

Sure, we introverts joke a lot about canceling plans or hoping someone else cancels, but overall, we do like hanging out with others. We just choose to do it differently. The great thing about coliving is that it easily fits an introvert’s brand of social time.

As an introvert, we like to choose when you hang out with someone, how long it lasts, and what kind of event it’ll be. When you live alone, you often feel obligated to hang out at events and during times that aren’t appealing. However, when you live in a home with other suitemates, you’ll find it is so much easier to hang out and do the things you want to do when you want to do them.

Is the home hosting a tv night? Or possibly watching the latest release on BluRay that evening? Perfect! Not only do you get to watch a fun movie and hang out with friends, but you don’t even have to leave your home.

And if your suitemates decide to go out to a great local bar, guess what? You can go, or you can easily choose to stay home in your cozy room. There’s absolutely no pressure to hang out when you live with friends.

You will always have your own quiet, private room

Coliving often sounds intense because many people think of communes or hostels. I can promise you that Common isn’t like either. You live in a gorgeous home with others, yes, but you will also have your very own cozy, quiet room. If a large number of people are over and you don’t feel like socializing, you don’t even have to leave the premises – just head to your room.

A bedroom at Common MacArthur in Oakland, California.

Needing quiet time to drink your favorite warm beverage and to read the latest book you picked up at a local shop? You’ll have that ability with Common’s setup.

You Get to Control Your Social Needs

One thing that is true for anyone, introvert or extrovert, is that people need people. We just want to spend that time in different ways. Through coliving, you get to control your social needs yet still manage to make sure those needs are met.

It is easy for an introvert to get into a pattern on not actively reaching out, and therefore missing out on much-needed social interaction. This can cause isolation, and make anyone feel uncomfortable and unhappy. However, through coliving, social situations are significantly easier to access, its smooth sailing and it doesn’t take much to join in.

Speaking of sailing… here’s more of the Common Damen crew enjoying the open sea.

I don’t have to feel awkward when reaching out to someone, especially when living in a community like Common. There are several excellent scheduled events for the homes and community. These plans are excellent for me because I can put it into my calendar and make sure my introvert battery is fully charged before heading out.

“But aren’t you exhausted after social interaction?” Yeah, I’m tired after a fun day or night of hanging out with friends, but overall I am always much happier. And when I’m ready to recharge my battery, I simply head to my room and get lost in my current read.

Common is the Introvert Dream

Common provides stress-free living for everyone, and provides excellent rooms that are sure to meet any introvert’s wish. You also don’t have to leave where you are right now to check out any of our homes. Just schedule a virtual tour here.

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