4 things to know about Ridgewood, Queens

Ridgewood is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in New York City. It at once feels like you’re in a delightful neighborhood lightyears away from Manhattan, yet still offers close proximity to everything New York City has to offer.

4 things to see and do in Ridgewood, Queens

Consider Ridgewood home to some essential mainstays and new favorites. Besides being a stone’s throw from Manhattan, there’s plenty to explore, taste, and see in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Queens.

Where to drink

Ridgewood has several lively places to grab a stiff cocktail, great beer, or casual glass of wine. The Bad Old Days has you covered by way of your go-to pub. We love Julia’s a cozy wine bar close to Common Cornelia and Common Fairview, where you can enjoy an excellent glass of wine over brunch or date night.

Ridgewood, Queens restaurants

You can find just about every regional cuisine you’d like to eat in Ridgewood. Enjoy Mexican food at the just-opened Burrito Republic, Chinese at General Debs, burgers at Onderdonk & Sons, Egyptian food at Little Egypt, or Italian at Joe’s. With new restaurants popping up all the time, alongside family-owned favorites, it will take you ages to eat your way through the best of Ridgewood.

Ridgewood, Queens

What to see

Of course Manhattan is just a short subway ride away, and you’re right next to Brooklyn as well, but Ridgewood itself has plenty to see. We love stopping into Topos Bookstore, which also doubles as a cafe so you can enjoy your next best read with a delicious cup of coffee. Speaking of books, pop into the Ridgewood Library, check out a book and walk on down to Rudy’s Bakery and Cafe, your local pastry stop that opened its doors in 1934.

Ridgewood, Queens coffee shops

What is a neighborhood without a great place to grab a cup of coffee? Our local favorite is Milk & Pull, just a few blocks from Common Fairview. The Spot is another local great cup of coffee, with a more extensive menu if you’re hungry.

French press at Common homes

Of course, there’s always the option to make coffee on your own. Pick up some beans at your local grocer – we love Valentino Food Market, which is one of Queens’ oldest, family-owned markets – and head back home to brew a cup. At Common, we provide French presses in all of our homes, so be sure to grind your coffee beans to coarse, sit back, and enjoy.

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