How to be an amazing host


Hosting guests is always fun and exciting. You get to show them a slice of your life while enjoying any festivities or just a nice day. Here are a few tips to up your game as a host.

Get together and have some fun

Remove Any Discomforts

As a host, you want to remove any discomforts someone may have about being in the position of a guest. The area is foreign to people and they may feel uneasy about doing certain things or exploring the space. Make them feel welcome by taking their coat, and asking if they’d like anything to drink or eat.

Afterwards give them a tour to make the space feel more familiar, so they can relax and begin to feel more comfortable. Once they’ve settled in, sit down for a drink or snack and talk about any plans for the day.

Set the Mood

You should be in control of the mood for your guests, whether it be a party or a day on the porch. The mood you set contributes to the comfort levels of your guests. Be sure to have a good playlist ready to go on your Sonos, or ask your guests if they have a playlist they are currently playing on repeat.


Deciding on food for guests can be tricky as you want them to feel right at home. To take the guessing out of shopping, ask your guests before their arrival what foods they enjoy and what their diet restrictions they may have. If they are vegetarian, vegan, or allergic to anything, make sure you know beforehand. Aligning what food you offer with what food they love can really open your home to your guest.

Make sure at the end of the day, there’s always somewhere to unwind. Common Cornelia has a beautiful rooftop deck, perfect for the end of any day.

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