Meet a Member: Gabe Guzman in Ukrainian Village


Gabe Guzman makes the most out of life in Chicago.

Between finding delicious places to eat, going on outings with his suitemates, and of course, working at a creative, dog-friendly office, Gabe is our go-to resource for recommends in Chicago. Gabe is also a proud member at Common Damen.

We sat down to discuss a bit about his life in Chicago, why coliving suits his life so well, and a downright shocking surprise.

Introduce yourself.

Hi there, I’m Gabe.

What do you do?

I work on an account management team at Zynga (Mobile Gaming Developer).

What brought you to Chicago?

Despite my love for San Francisco, the cost of living was way too high and I needed to start a savings account. Chicago gave me the ability to do that.

What are your favorite parts of living in the city?

I may be biased but my neighborhood of West Town is adorable and has vibrant businesses that fit my needs. I also enjoy checking out Fulton Market for the newest trendy restaurants!

Where do you go or what do you do to unwind?

I typically hold a very busy work week and finding time to unwind is tough. I’ll usually grab a bottle of wine from across the street and hang out on the patio if it’s nice out or in the living room with my roommate.

What does comfort at home mean to you?

Comfort at home is very important to my day to day – whether I’m traveling or coming back from a stressful work day, when I walk into my home, it’s nice to forget about the stresses and just enjoy myself away from the outside world.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I feel like I’m both. Friday nights usually involve me on the couch though.

Why did you decide to live at Common?

It gave me an easy outlet to enjoy luxury living while meeting very cool people I wouldn’t have necessarily met if I lived on my own.

Complete the sentence: Home is _______.

Home is Love.

What would you tell someone who is interested in coliving but unsure if it’s right for them?

I think most of us knew what we were signing up for when we have three other people living at home. While this can be change for many, this is also an opportunity to meet and network with great people, while saving money on household items/services that can add up living on your own.

What’s one surprising fact about you?

I have a Mrs. Doubtfire Tattoo.

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