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Small space design solutions


Living in a small space can be tough because you may not know where to put everything, or the best way to optimize it. The key is to figure out design solutions that will help you make the most out of your living space. 

Draw A Floor Plan

Taking the time to draw a floor plan and create zones for yourself can really help when it comes to buying furniture. You won’t buy items you don’t need, and you know exactly where everything can go. The floor plan essentially serves as your check and balance, making sure you give yourself that space versus fill ratio you desire.


Storage is the main design solution anyone in a small space should be familiar with. Hidden storage is even better. An ottoman that has hidden storage,  Use bookshelves, instead of a bookcase to optimize your amount of floorspace.


A large mirror against the wall can give the illusion of a larger, extended space. This can help with planning which parts of the space to give more room, and which parts to put closer together. When choosing decor, using the same tones, but different patterns and textures makes the space feel expanded without feeling flat. This means when using neutrals, mix textured blankets with a chevron pattern throw pillow, to make your customizations pop. 

Group “collections” such as, plants, pictures, and novelty items, but put each collection a few paces away from each other so everything has space to breathe.

Lastly, invest in your comfort by putting money into the places you’ll spend the most time. Share your design customizations with us and let us know which tips helped you the most.

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