Interior Design

Have fun with neutrals


Neutrals are a great way to make your environment more open and inviting. Mixing textures and patterns can add character to your space. These tips are all you need to have fun with neutrals.


Play with different textures and patterns so that your neutrals don’t fall flat, but rather add interest to your space. Sleek pieces juxtaposed with rough ones offer a varied texture to the space. 

patterns juxtaposed texture


Don’t be afraid to layer your items. In some cases, a patterned item can act as a replacement for texture. Here, the waffle pattern serves as a substitute for texture while still blending in with the other pieces. Place the items so that they blend and offer the most inviting mood.


Balancing warm neutrals with cool ones can create a temperature balance throughout the space. This can bring a calm and content feeling to your home. Adding texture in your tile, matching your art to your furniture, or simply placing a plant are some ways to add more character to your neutrals. 

Let your room be your sanctuary, and design it in ways that make you feel most comfortable. As always, your home should be a place that makes you feel calm and cozy. Find your perfect Common home today.

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