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The keys to a happy home


A happy home is essential for your well-being and comfort. Home is somewhere you feel you can be yourself, and it provides you with all the things that make you feel happiest and most content. These are some keys to help you create a happy home.

Happiness Through Control

Feeling in control of your space is a step on the way to comfort. A great way to show that control and also create just the ambiance you want is to declutter. Get rid of items that crowd your space and provide unwanted baggage. Another helpful tip? Make your bed every day. It’s a small, habitual thing that can instantly set you on the right path for the day.

Making your bed can make a happy homeHappiness Through Design

Accent your surrounding with colors that make you feel calm and happy. We love a good pop of color, whether it comes from the art around you, your linens, or plants.  

It has been proven that being around nature makes people happier. Bringing plants into your home can provide a necessary organic touch, especially in those winter months when trips outside adventures are few and far between.

Happy reminders can change the way you see the rest of your surroundings. Place pictures and any other keepsakes that bring back happy memories places where you can see them easily.

Nature can bring happiness to a home

Happiness Through Community

Sometimes happiness starts with those around us and living with others while still enjoying a level of privacy can help so much. Do small favors for your suitemates. Even the tiniest of gestures can create the most amicable homes, where community becomes a key element. Common homes, in addition to providing a beautiful design, incredible value, and convenience, come with a sense of community. Check out all of our homes here

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The best meals are shared meals with suitemates.

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