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Ridgewood photo tour


Ridgewood is full of culture and community. The energetic and vibrant neighborhood is super welcoming and offers a collection of various one-of-a-kind small businesses. Myrtle Avenue, Ridgewood’s main street, is the starting point for this tour. Take a walking tour with us, as we explore some of the great places Ridgewood has to offer.

Kings Juice Bar

Kings Juice Bar has a great ambiance to it. The juice bar is simple, yet welcoming and energetic, perhaps inspired by the owner whose passion and friendliness about his products is clear the moment you walk in. Not only are the smoothies a delicious and refreshing treat, but they are always made fresh to order. Our personal favorite is a strawberry banana smoothie with a dash of honey.

Milk & Pull

milk & pull ridgewood

Milk & Pull is the perfect coffee shop to sit with your laptop and immerse yourself in a great, relaxing, and creative ambiance. They describe themselves as an artisanal coffee and espresso bar, and they definitely live up to that description. The shop has great food, drinks, and free wifi to fuel your productive mindset.

Deep Cuts Record Store

Deep Cuts Record Store Ridgewood

Deep Cuts Record Store is a vintage record store with hundreds of vinyl to fulfill any and all of your musical needs. The shop is small, but the staff are very knowledgable and can help you find any vintage vinyl you’re looking for. They also buy records, so if you’re looking to offload any favorites, head there to make a little extra cash or trade. Either way, it’s a great stop while you’re strolling through Ridgewood.

Rudy’s Bakery & Cafe

Rudy's in Ridgewood

This is one of the best bakery and cafes in Ridgewood. Rudy’s is filled with all of the pastries a person could ever need. The food is absolutely delicious and it’s well worth a trip there. Who needs fancy, trendy pastries when you can have one of these classic pies?

Superchief Gallery

Superchief Gallery in Ridgewood

This hip, eclectic gallery is perfect for when you’re looking for an extra burst of culture. Founded in 2012, Superchief has two locations in Ridgewood and Los Angeles. While here, you’re sure to meet some super interesting artists, see amazing pieces, perhaps even catch a performance.

Cypress Ave. Wine & Liquors

Cypress Ave Wine and Liquors in Ridgewood

Cypress Ave. Wine & Liquors is the new spot for anything wine or liquor. Pick up some options for your next Netflix night in. The environment is calm, with knowledgable people there to help you. There are high-end options, but if you just want to pick up some beers, those are available too.

Queens in the new Lower East Side, so be sure to check out all of Common’s furnished, coliving homes in Ridgewood. In fact, go on a free tour.

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