Coliving gift guide


If you have a friend that lives in one of our coliving homes, you probably already know that a lot comes included with membership.

From pots and pans to household essentials, to gorgeous furnishings – your home comes ready for you to move in. While that’s well and good for our members, sometimes it can be hard for loves ones to figure out what to buy as a (housewarming) gift, when you basically have everything you need.

For your convenience, we’ve assembled a coliving gift guide, so you know where to go for your friends who make Common home.

Plants in coliving homes

What better way to liven up your space than with some actual life —- plant life, that is. You can check out our full plant guide here, but consider gifting a suitemate or friend a bouquet of flowers or a succulent that can last them a lifetime.

Art and prints in coliving homes

Art is a great way to personalize any space. While we hand-pick the art in our community spaces, we leave individual bedrooms to our members because we know how personal art can be. At the same time, hanging art can be a pain, so we alleviate that difficulty for our members by placing art hooks on the walls, so all they have to do is find the right print or painting, bring it home, and place it on the hook. We love Society6 as a resource for finding the perfect print.

Gift an experience

It’s been said that those who are interested in coliving feel less enticed by the prospect of ownership. If this sounds like someone you know, make your go-to gift an experience, whether that’s a dinner out, picnic in the park, trip to a museum, or weekend getaway.

Interested in living at Common? Find out more about our homes here. Make sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter for more up-to-date information about our homes, members, and cities.

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