What living with roommates is actually like


Everyone has seen examples of classic roommates on TV. Maybe it’s on Friends or New Girl, or you could go back to the classics like The Odd Couple.

Of course, real life is different. Sometimes you’re scouring through Craigslist listings trying to find the right person that you can connect with, and you end up with a nightmare.

Or maybe you find the apartment first, and then the roommate turns out to be the passive aggressive kind of person that will leave notes on your shared things, or take your soup to a bar.

Roommates at Common

Take it from our members though, living with roommates doesn’t have to end in disaster or even shenanigans. Gabe Guzman, one of our members at Common Damen notes in the Chicago Sun Times, “I got really lucky with the roommate I have. We are like brother and sister.”

Emily Horner, another one of our members, expressed a similar sentiment to Culture Trip. “I think that I’ve grown close with the people that have been here since we all moved in, and when new roommates move in, our relationship with those individuals grows, as most do, from the ground up. I’m from a different city and came here with few people to spend time with. I can now say I truly feel like I’ve found another family.”


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