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Coliving: Is it right for you?


The term “coliving” may seem confusing to some people. At Common, coliving means a beautiful, fully furnished room to call your own, gorgeous shared spaces to spend time with friends, and overall improving your life with roommates. In addition, your move is easy with costs cut down and an inclusive community.

Coliving means community

Coliving offers a home with a community. Our homes come with rooftop lounges, home theaters, wellness studios, coworking spaces, and more. While you always maintain the option to hang out by yourself in your bedroom, you can usually find someone to hang out with that’s easily accessible to you by popping out your door or posting a message to the community at large. You actually get to know your neighbor and create a true sense of community when living with roommates, which remains sometimes a rarity in the cities you may call home.

Coliving offers shared suites

Coliving cuts down on costs

Having fewer bills makes life easier, and ultimately cuts down on costs and headaches. Common members save around $380 each month, and that doesn’t even account for other costs that might be a burden, like initially furnishing a home. You only need your suitcase to move in, so say goodbye to moving vans. Everything else is right within your beautiful new home.

To put it in the words of one of our members, Gabe in Chicago: “Honestly, the fact I haven’t gone to Target to buy soap or toilet paper in months, it’s the best feeling ever.”

Coliving makes your move easier

With coliving, you just bring your personal items, and that’s it. Think no hassles with carrying couches up the steps or millions of boxes. We provide all the essentials and you make it home, down to the art hooks we pre-hang on the walls so you can throw up your favorite print or poster.

Be sure to check out our homes, for coliving in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. And visit our Facebook page and Twitter for more up-to-date information about our homes, members, and cities.

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