Smorgasburg | NYC vs. DTLA


Derived from the Swedish word “smörgåsbord” (a Scandinavian buffet-style meal), Smorgasburg is the largest open-air food market in America with over 100 local vendors. It launched in 2001 as a spinoff of the Brooklyn Flea, and two years ago, Smorgasburg expanded to the West Coast, offering dozens of food vendors, sophisticated shopping, and other pop-ups every Sunday in Downtown LA.

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Where and When?

Smorgasburg takes place every Saturday at East River State Park and every Sunday at Prospect Park from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. starting April and ending around November. Its Los Angeles counterpart, on the other hand, is open all year round every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Alameda Produce Market.

Entry is free for all locations. Most vendors accept cash, debit/credit cards, and Apple pay. There are ATMs on site with a $2.50 transaction fee, in case they don’t.

Pets are not allowed at the Williamsburg and DTLA locations but are welcome at Prospect Park.

Looking for a chilled drink to escape the summer heat? Head to the Smorgasburg beer gardens. These family-friendly bars serve beer, wine, and cocktails if you provide a 21+ valid state ID or passport.

Smorgasburg NY vs. Smorgasburg LA

One of the biggest differences between the NY and DTLA Smorgasburgs is the number and types of vendors available. The former has around 100 different food stalls whereas the latter has about 65. Though some of the vendors are repeats (Goa Taco, Lobsterdamus, The Jolly Oyster, Big Mozz, Stand Coffee, etc.), some are only found in one location or the other because of the vendors’ locality.

An Amazebowls trifecta! Anybody out there catch @amazebowls between Beyonce and Enenim at @coachella this past weekend? ???? They are one of many of our awesome vendors who are out in the desert this week feeding the festival goers, so be sure to find them! If festivals aren’t your thing, don’t worry, you’ll find their delicious acai bowls at home at Smorgasburg LA on Sunday, as usual! Beyonce or no Beyonce, we love Amazebowls! We are open Sundays 10am-4pm, free entry, at @rowdtla in #DTLA. See you Sunday! Photo cred: @michelletakeaim #smorgasburgLA #amazebowls #coachella #happeningindtla #losangeles #la #LAeats #infatuationla #dinela #vegan #lavegan

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NY Smorgasburg flaunts its instagrammable whole fruit juices from John’s Juice, hibiscus donuts from Dough Doughnuts, and fries cones from Home Frite. DTLA has its own instagrammable foods like the Rambutan Butteryflypea Tea from The Base Co., the acai bowls in a coconut shell from Amazebowls, and the XL soup dumplings from Brothecary.

The location vibes are also very different. Whereas the East River State Park definitely has the best view of Manhattan, Prospect Park is shadier, greener, and more popular for families. The DTLA project, in contrast, partnered with a real estate developer to make the an flat, empty lot into a destination. It provides two-hours-free parking for more than 5,000 cars.

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Your taste buds won’t be disappointed by any of the locations. Visit one or all of them, and let us know what you think! Be sure to check out our homes to retreat to and recover from your food coma.

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