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A walk through Domino Park


The Williamsburg waterfront just got a makeover. From South 5th Street to Grand along the East River, a new 6-acre public park with a lawn, volleyball court, and dog run opened earlier this June.

Domino Park — designed by James Corner Field Operations, the landscape architecture firm known for the High Line in Chelsea — stands as a tribute to the Domino Sugar Refinery, an industrial sugar plant, and neighborhood landmark since the 19th century.

The Park is open to the public every day from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Here’s a walkthrough of what you’ll find.

Domino Park in pictures

Domino Park Map
If you start at South 5th Street, you’ll have an up-close-and-personal (and stunning) view of Williamsburg Bridge. Take a moment on benches here to notice the busy sounds of traffic or the dense cluster of high-rises across the water.
Domino Park Bench
Walk north and you’ll come across a dog run and bocce ball court. Domino Park maintains a pet-friendly and activity-fostering environment, especially with drinking fountains for both people and their furry companions.
Domino Park Dog Run
Next, there’s a green field where you can organize a picnic with friends or take rests between your volleyball matches.
Domino Park Volleyball
As you walk along Domino Park, you’ll recognize some of the industrial artifacts from the sugar plant integrated into the design. For example, there are 36-foot-high syrup tanks and screw conveyors in the garden that add color and character to the park’s features.
Domino Park Screws
Get some respite from the heat by standing by the fog bridge or sitting by the fountain where kids and dogs splash around.
Domino Park Fountain
If you’re hungry, grab a quick bite at Tacocina, a taco shack run by Danny Meyer. They’ve got a tempting drink and food menu as well as a plentiful seating area with a great view of Manhattan. At least take a cup of cold water from their cooler for free!
Domino Park Tacocina
Need a change of scenery? Hop up to the elevated Artifact Walk. It’s a bridge decked out with giant, mint-green cranes and other remnants from the sugar factory — a perfect spot for a sunset Instagram photo.
Domino Park Artifact Walk
Artist Mark Reigelman designed the three-section playground as a miniature sugar refinery: kids climb up through silos and tunnels, stand in a cabin, and slide by spinning valve wheels, mimicking the manufacturing process.
Domino Park playground
End the day on the lawn or one of the lounge chairs. Simply enjoy the view and the free WiFi that Domino Park provides.
Domino Park Lounge Chairs
On top of being Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhood, Williamsburg just got even better with the addition of Domino Park. If this makes you want to move there, learn more about our amazing coliving homes in New York, and book a tour for free.

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