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3 hottest neighborhoods in New York


The five boroughs of New York differ in culture, qualities, and general vibes. When choosing where to live, you need to consider all those differences in conjunction with your budget and other personal priorities. To help you out, we’ve listed out the four hottest neighborhoods in New York, considered to be hidden-gem areas and the up-and-coming blocks.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Both Forbes and the New York Post have crowned Crown Heights as a rising real estate gem. Not only can you find cheaper options than other Brooklyn neighborhoods, but Crown Heights also has convenient public transportation. The 2,3,4, and 5 lines run in the southern end while A and C trains run to the north. On top of that, the cultural diversity, which includes thriving Hasidic and Caribbean communities, adds a flare (and opportunities for good food) to the neighborhood. It’s the perfect mix of the old and the new; even the local businesses embody that as veteran shops sit side-by-side with incoming juice bars and home goods stores.

Ridgewood, Queens

In the past few years, Ridgewood has gradually added hip cafes, delectable restaurants, and yoga studios to its directory, drawing more people to visit and live in the neighborhood. It, however, has not lost touch with its roots. Queens is the single most diverse county in the US, being home to a large Hispanic and Latinx population as well as a sizable Polish, Asian, and Italian demographic. These cultures play a large role in the community, which means there will always be a new cuisine for you to try and different perspectives to learn about. In addition, you’ll find ten National Historic Districts and three renowned landmark districts in Ridgewood. Imagine that, you won’t ever complain about not having something to do.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Many call North Williamsburg the “East Village of Brooklyn.” Originally a working-class neighborhood of Jewish, European, and Hispanic immigrants, Williamsburg now features lavish high-rises and large developments along the East River. The area is undeniably hip. Local attractions range from fashionable vintage stores to Whole Foods and a modern, dog-friendly park. Not only are more people moving there, but companies are also flocking to this ever-evolving neighborhood.

Where you live is crucial to your happiness. These neighborhoods have been tried and tested by local New Yorkers so that you won’t have to. Check out our New York coliving homes in these hottest neighborhoods, and book a free tour today.

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