Our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween


The spookiest holiday is in full swing. Get your share of scares in before the night ends. If you’re out of ideas, consider some of our favorite ways to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Theme Parks

Seek major thrills at the places that provide it year round. Theme parks have mastered the balance between scary and fun, so they’re a no-brainer way to celebrate Halloween. One of our favorites is Six Flags’ Fright Fest. See if you can make it out alive of the haunted mazes, creepy live performances, and scream-inducing rollercoasters. Never let your guard down; terror isn’t confined to these attractions. Throughout the park, zombies and ghouls lurk to haunt your night.

Halloween Parades

Flaunt your costume with thousands of other monsters and ghosts this Halloween. The Northalsted Halloween Parade takes place in a couple hours on North Halsted St. in Chicago. Register to be part of the costume contest (categories include theme, group, drag, and scary), and stand a chance to win $4000 worth of cash and prizes. Be sure to catch the “Thriller” flash mob to kick it off.

Hallowen Pumpkins

It’s pumpkin season. Pumpkin spice, pumpkin patch, pumpkin carving. But have you heard of pumpkin impalement? At the annual Cobble Hill Pumpkin Impalement, you’re invited to join artist Jane Greengold and impale your jack-o-lantern on one of the 274 spikes of the iron fence of on the corner of Kane Street and Strong Place. All pumpkins need to be 4 3⁄4” to 5” inches in diameter and taller than it is round, with a 3/4″ square hole on the bottom. Leave the top on and carve away. Bring it in before 7 p.m. tonight!


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Telling Ghost Stories

Everyone loves a good ghost story. If it’s not enough to tell your own in a darkened room at home, then head out to some ghost story events. Hear some of Washington D.C.’s best ghost stories while touring the actual sites in costume: the haunted Lafayette Square, the Mystery of “Black Aggie”, the Specters of St. Johns Church, the Pierce family graveyard and more. Get your tickets to the Ghost Story Tour of Washington, and meet the ghosts of DC before they return to their graves.

Scary Movie Marathon

Don’t leave the safety of your own home. Rather, summon the ghosts there by watching some of the most haunting movies and TV shows currently out there. You can easily stream some of our favorites online.

The secret to having a fun Halloween, instead of a nightmarish one, is to celebrate with your favorite people. Your roommates included. At Common, you’ll always have friends to save you from the monsters under your bed. Learn more about our coliving homes here.

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