12 kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed


When you move into a new kitchen, you’re focused on making sure you have all the basics—pots, plates, your favorite mug. But if your kitchen’s already equipped with the essentials, you’re free to get creative with any kitchen gadget that can elevate your mealtimes to a whole new level. Whether it’s a potato masher or a tortilla warmer, some kitchen gadgets are a must.

From exterminating the mystery fridge odor to impressing your date with an eggs benedict brunch at home, we’ve compiled 11 must-have kitchen gadgets to improve your meal prep game and economize your routine.

1. Tortilla warmer

If it was up to us, all kitchen gadgets would be geared towards improving the experience of tortillas in our kitchen. Not for our sake, but for the tortillas—is there anything more adorable than these little edible blankets? We think not.

Whether it’s fajita Friday with the roommates or you’re sneaking into the kitchen for a midnight quesadilla, this tortilla warmer will keep them warm and snug while you prep the rest of your meal. It can also be used for flatbreads like:

  • Arepas
  • Naan
  • Pita

You can keep your tortillas warm and fresh while you prepare the rest of the meat or vegetable ingredients for a fajita, a taco, or a burrito. And when Sunday morning rolls around, you can also use it to keep your baby blueberry pancakes warm and cozy.

Price: $10

2. Cherry pitter

Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue? That’s an incredible feat in and of itself. But let us ask you this—can you pit a cherry without making a giant mess?

If you can’t seem to make a compote for your morning yogurt (or wolf down the giant bag of nature’s rubies you bought from the farmers market in one sitting) without staining your fingers and everything else in your proximity, this cherry pitter says: no more.

Not only will it save you a near-miss with a chipped tooth, but this model is also outfitted with a splatter shield so you can feel confident whipping up something fancy like pork chops with a cherry-thyme reduction without worrying about the carnage. Bonus: this little device can be used to pit olives too, so your olives can go down as smoothly as the wine you pair them with, making it one of the best kitchen tools.

Price: $12.50

3. Rapid egg cooker

If your poached egg form is a little rough around the edges, meet the rapid egg cooker. This versatile U.F.O.-looking gadget does all the work for you, whether you like your eggs:

  • Poached
  • Hard-boiled
  • Soft-boiled
  • Scrambled
  • Sunny-side up (or down)

Boil up to 6 eggs at a time without having to keep your eye on the timer—this gadget does all the timing for you. For even more convenience, the poaching and omelet trays are dishwasher friendly, making breakfast clean-up a breeze.

Price: $20

3. Peanut butter paw

We’ve all been there—our Jif supply is on its last legs, but one look at the jar and we can clearly see at least a spoonful or two of peanut butter pocketed in the nooks and crannies of the jar.

We’re not totally sure why peanut butter jar design is still falling short, but we’re eternally grateful to the inventor of this peanut butter spoon. A crossover between a rubber spatula and a spoon designed with smooth curves and a tip that won’t quit, the unthinkable has finally happened—it’s now possible to completely polish off a jar of peanut butter (and make sure the jar is clean for recycling pick-up). A truly revolutionary invention.

Price: $12

5. Wine saver

Whether you can sniff the difference between a Merlot and a Syrah, or you’re still picking out your bottles based on which has the prettiest label, anyone drinking or cooking with wine will benefit from the Vacu Vin Wine Saver.

This little tool is not your average bottle stopper—it actually preserves the lifespan and quality of any bottles you have open.1 To use, simply:

  • Cork the bottle with one of the plastic stoppers
  • Fit the vacuum over the top of the stopper
  • Pump manually until you hear a “click” sound—airtight!

This genius tool will keep your wine tasting like it did when you first popped the cork for up to one week.

Price: $20

6. Pan stirrer

If you find yourself avoiding homemade pasta sauce recipes because of how sore they make your arms, we have a nifty little gadget for you.

Save your biceps reps for the gym and meet the gadget that loves to stir the pot: the automatic pan stirrer. Simply add AA batteries, set the timer, and say goodbye to that unseemly skin that forms on the surface of unstirred milk. So, now what can you do with those liberated hands? Switch out the laundry, respond to an unanswered text, pet your cat…the possibilities are endless.

Price: $25

7. Tofu press

This one is for all you vegans out there. If you’ve been draining your tofu with a teetering pile of cookbooks stacked on a plate, you’re not alone.

With this tofu press (charmingly designed like a turtle), you’ll be able to save time and energy and do a better job of getting the excess water out of your tofu. That means no more soggy attempts at the pan-fry, and no more mushy tofu bricks coming out of the oven.

The end result is tastier, too: the more liquid you’re able to remove, the better your tofu will absorb the flavors and marinades you use in your favorite vegetarian delicacies. One of the best food gadgets out there for those of you trying to convert your friends to the tofu-loving train, hands down.

Price: $30

8. Microwave + fridge cleaner

Kitchen gadgets aren’t all about meal prep—a proper chef knows how to keep a clean kitchen.

This Keledz set comes with two hard-hitting gadgets to keep your microwave and your fridge in a condition every mom would approve of:

  • Angry Mom Microwave Cleaner – No more stubborn stains leftover from the extra-buttery kettle corn you popped for Monday Movie Night. Stick this nifty mom-shaped gadget in the microwave and watch the steam roll out from the top of her head, loosening hard-to-clean spills and stains to make weekly microwave cleanings a cinch.
  • Cool Mom Fridge Odor Absorber – Where is that weird smell coming from? The Cool Mom will track it down and diffuse the situation so you don’t have to spend a half-hour poking around in the condiments section for the culprit.

All you need to kick this two-pack into gear is some water and a dash of vinegar, and you can sit back and let these miracle workers work their magic.

Price: $12

9. Kale and herb razor

If we’ve learned anything from the Eat More Kale movement, it’s that before you can give your kale a massage, you have to de-stem it.

Not only will this handy Kale Razor make sure you get every last meaty leaf for every stem size, but it can also be used to defoliate your herbs! No more man-handling delicate herbs like rosemary, thyme, or oregano before they make it onto your roast chicken. You can feel like a real chef defoliating fresh herbs.

Price: $15

10. Mini bag sealer

It may look like a hair straightener, but this Mini Bag Sealer goes way beyond your MySpace days. Whether you’re trying to keep your pet out of their dry mix or saving the rest of your Tostitos for a rainy day, use this preserving tool to keep snacks, coffee beans, or cereals fresh.

You’ll never have to go rummaging around the kitchen for a rubber band again.

Price: $15

11. Avocado slicer

Guac and avocado toast lovers everywhere will rejoice at this handsome multi-purpose gadget. With three functions, you can use it to:

  • Halve your avocado without nicking your hand
  • Pit your avocado with the patented pitter
  • Slice your avocado into 7 even crescents with no waste

The slicer’s non-slip grip makes it even easier to use, and since it’s made of plastic, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Price: $10

12. Oil spritzer

Oil is undeniably a necessity in the kitchen, providing everything from the slip you need in your salad to the caramelized flavor you get from a trayful of roasted root veggies. However, it’s not the easiest substance to work with, and getting it evenly distributed across everything from fish to bib lettuce is no easy feat.

Oil spritzers will help you get that even glaze that’s essential for well-rounded flavor and consistently cooked dishes. Plus, you’ll also minimize waste, saving you money in the long run.2

Pro tip: Never keep your oil, or your oil mister, next to the stove. Doing so can mute or mutate the bouquets of the oil you use, which is especially a doozy if you’re shelling out on fancy EVOO olive oil.

Price: $14

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