Kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed


Typical household appliances like a microwave or a vacuum make a home both functional and convenient. Now in 2018, household appliances are not only useful, but they are also fun, innovative, and sleek. Here are the 7 kitchen gadgets you didn’t know you needed.

Rapid Egg Cooker

Never worry about your eggs being under- or overcooked ever again. This rapid egg cooker boils 6 eggs at a time with different automatic timing settings for hard and soft boiled. Not only that, but it also comes with poaching and omelet trays, meaning you can make all kinds of eggs. Simply follow the recipe book! Adding to its convenience, most of the parts are dishwasher safe.
Price: $15

Microwave Steam Cleaner

Cut down on your microwave cleaning time by investing in a steam cleaner. When your microwave starts to look grimy, just add vinegar and water (and lemon juice for odor) to the figure and microwave for 7 minutes. This will soften the dirt and stains in the microwave, making it a lot easier to wipe off. Now you and your roommates don’t have to argue about who’s in charge of scrubbing the microwave for hours.
Price: $10

Mushroom Brush

Mushrooms absorb water, so you’re not supposed to soak them in water before cooking. Rather, the best way to clean mushrooms is to lightly rinse them with cool water, pat dry with paper towels, and use a mushroom brush to wipe away the leftover bits of sterilized compost and other dirt. Your mushrooms will be fresher and cook better.
Price: $7

Avocado Slicer

This multi-use avocado slicer splits, pits, and slices avocados into 7 pieces. The non-slip grip makes it easy to use, and the stainless steel feature (dishwasher safe) makes it easy to wash. It’s a perfect gift for all the avocado toast lovers or guac enthusiasts in your life. Quick tip: if you only need half an avocado and want to leave the other half for another occasion, keep the pit in, wrap it, and put it in the fridge.
Price: $10

Finger Guard

Almost everyone has experienced a minor knife accident in the kitchen, but this one’s for those who are extra clumsy. Use a finger guard to prevent any future accidents on the cutting board. Insert your middle finger to the back of the guard, and get chopping. Safety first!
Price: $8

Strawberry Huller

Have you ever felt wasteful cutting off the stems off of strawberries and other fruits? Get a strawberry huller to minimize the loss of strawberry flesh. The stainless steel claw grabs the stem and twists it out in a matter of seconds. This way, you can eat the strawberries fresh or even fill them with whipped cream or other toppings.
Price: $4

Scrub Daddy Sponge

This smiling tool is one of the most versatile sponges in the market. Whether you’re washing the dishes or cleaning the kitchen sink, the sponge will remain odor-free and wash off clean. It’s made of a FlexTexture material, meaning that it alters texture and function based on water temperature: soft in warm water for gentle cleansing and firm in cool water for coarse scrubbing.
Price: $11

These tools are supplemental to all the kitchen appliances you need on a day-to-day basis. When you move into Common, you don’t have to worry about buying all of it. Our homes come stocked with essential appliances, pots and pans, and utensils. Not to mention, we have weekly cleaning services. Check out all the perks here.

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