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The New York Times profiles Newlyweds at Common Havemeyer


The New York Times sat down with two of our members to discuss their experience living at Common.

From Prospect Lefferts Garden to Williamsburg

Common provides homes for when you’re single and when you decide to settle down.

Take Vincent Jayrill Brathwaite for example. He moved from a private room in Common Lincoln to a double in Common Havemeyer with his wife, Magalie Lachoua-Brathwaite.

The newlyweds found Common Havemeyer in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to be the perfect place to move in together. Not only was the $2,550-a-month rent within their budget, but it also included furniture, kitchen supplies, and WiFi. “If we’d moved into a place that we would have had to furnish ourselves, we’d probably still be sitting on beanbags,” Mr. Brathwaite states in the article. Williamsburg’s accessibility, walkability, and proximity to the city also added to the convenience.

By moving into Common Havemeyer, the transition into their new lives was easy, especially for Magalie who moved to the U.S. from Guadeloupe. “We didn’t have to worry about anything. When we arrived, it was like home already,” Ms. Lachoua-Brathwaite said.

Best of Both Worlds: Privacy and Community

The couple appreciates the privacy of their own bathroom (with a bathtub) and the abundance of storage space, but they also love that they can easily meet new friends, whether it’s in their movie screening room in the basement or member events.

new york times newlywed
“Being in this place, we’re able to focus on each other, growing as newlyweds,” said Mr. Brathwaite.

Read the full article on The New York Times here.

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