Spending the holiday season away from family


For most people, the holiday season is about being at home and spending time with loved ones. Families and friends gather to eat Thanksgiving turkey, or unwrap Christmas presents, or light candles for Hanukkah. But some people — whether it’s because you’re an international student or you just moved across the country — will have to celebrate the holiday season in a new environment. Here are the ways you can still have fun doing so.

Spend it with people.

Invite your neighbors over. Plan an event with your roommate(s). Just do something (anything) with the people around you. They might not be family, but you can still share the holiday cheer, make memories, and celebrate together. Besides, they (probably) won’t ask you awkward questions about your grades or your relationship status.

Start new traditions.

Create your own traditions. You can decorate shared spaces with your roommates or organize a white elephant gift exchange with your friends. If you find some time alone, make your own recipe for holiday cookies. Just think of activities that make you feel relaxed or at home, and put your own spin on it. Redesign it to fit your new city and environment.


Staying in the warmth of your home isn’t a bad idea. There’s so much you could do: binge a TV show, cross off some books on your reading list, knit a scarf, write that book you’ve been meaning to. It’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in some “me time.” Your body and mind will thank you for it.
holiday season

Take advantage of the city.

Especially in big cities like New York, the streets will be emptier and downtown will be less crowded during the holidays. Take full advantage of it. Find a guidebook or travel blog, and seek out the author’s recommendations. Get lost in the city, discover somewhere new, go on an adventure. You won’t get the time and chance to like this one.

Phone home.

No matter how much fun you’re having during the holiday season, your family and friends will miss you, and you will miss them. So call them up. We’ve got technology now that can make you feel like you’re actually there. Staying connected this way allows you to be part of the celebration virtually and not feel left out.
holiday season
At Common, you can spend the holiday season with your suitemates and other Common members in the city. Our Member Experience Team also plans holiday events that can become traditions, such as a group visit to the ice skating rink, wine tasting parties, holiday cookie decorating classes, and more. Become a member today and easily have fun celebrating the holiday season away from family.

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