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TV vs. coliving: moving


One thing TV shows get wrong is how easy moving can be. As they attempt to represent real life, they show the full range of struggles that an average person faces when moving: furnishing, buying essentials, finding roommates. These struggles, however, can be minimized with coliving. Here’s how.

TV vs. Coliving: Cooking

TV: Making dinner requires buying all the ingredients, chopping, prepping, and doing dishes. Just thinking about all those steps makes most people (like Rachel Green) want to order pizza. Especially in a new home where you also need to buy all the pots and pans, pizza seems to be the best option.


Coliving: At Common, you’ll have access to a beautiful kitchen with state-of-the-art appliances, cooking utensils, and basic seasonings. From olive oil to a blender, it’ll have all the necessities for you to make any dish your heart desires.
tv vs. coliving: kitchen

TV vs. Coliving: Furnishing your apartment

TV: When moving, furniture takes a huge chunk of your budget, whether you buy new furnishes or hire movers to pack the ones from home. Some pieces even require you to assemble it yourself, which doesn’t always turn out well. Not to mention, when guests come over, you always have to worry about things getting ruined or breaking. It’s not ideal.


Coliving: By living at Common, you don’t have to worry about buying, assembling, or replacing furniture. Our homes — including the private bedrooms and the shared spaces — come fully furnished, so that members don’t have to make a billion trips to Ikea. On top of that, if anything breaks or there’s wear and tear, our property services team will fix it as soon as possible.
tv vs. coliving: furnished

TV vs. Coliving: Moving out

TV: Deciding whether or not to keep living with your roommate(s) is a touchy subject. It can be awkward telling your roommate that you’re moving out, and it’ll cause headaches for both sides.


Coliving: Common not only makes it easy to move in, but it also makes moving out simple. We’ve got flexible moves, which means members can transfer to another room or other homes within the Common community with a simple request. That includes moving to our homes in other cities across the U.S.

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Coliving is the best configuration of real life that even TV shows can fathom. Moving in, living, and moving out at Common can get rid of all the hurdles that characters like Rachel Green and Bojack Horseman face. Learn more about why Common is the best solution to moving.

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TV vs. Coliving is a new blog series that exists to prove how coliving solves many of the problems that TV shows raise as well as how different (much improved) life can be with through coliving.

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