TV vs. coliving: hosting a holiday party


What better way to celebrate the holiday season than throwing a holiday party? Absolutely nothing. Hosting a fun night for you and the important people in your life is a great note to end the year on, but it’s often challenging to do alone, as TV shows portray. Coliving makes hosting a party so much simpler.

TV vs. Coliving: Party planning

TV: Planning a party takes a whole lot of work. You have to decide where you’re going to have it, who you’ll invite, and what activities are involved. Is there a theme? Will there be a secret santa or white elephant gift exchange? Doing it alone can be stressful, and you might be tense about the success of the plan…


Coliving: Because you can co-host a holiday party with your suitemates, you can plan and execute it together, taking a load off your shoulders. Plus, you can doing it big. You won’t have to choose between a potluck dinner or cocktail party — you can do them all.
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TV vs. Coliving: Invite guests

TV: The end of year is a busy time for people. You must set a guest list and send out invites ASAP, before people make plans to travel or attend other parties. More stress! You also have to make sure to clearly communicate the details of the night: the theme, what to bring, and the dress code, so no one shows up like Ross…


Coliving: With coliving, you always have people to invite to your party: your suitemates, their +1s, or other Common members in the city. On top of that, your guests — because they’re more like family — will be willing to help bring the essentials, from wine and cocktail drinks to food dishes and festive decor.

TV vs. Coliving: Decorating and prepping

TV: People often forget how difficult the setup process is, especially one with festive decorations. Not only is there so much to be done, including prepping the food, but the decor has to be inclusive and perfected, all before the guests arrive.


Coliving: At Common, it’ll be a collective effort. Together with your suitemates, you can turn the least fun part of hosting a party into the most fun. Not to mention, you can get reimbursed for all the decorations or other purchases if you co-organize with Common’s Member Experience Team.
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TV vs. Coliving: Holiday Dinner

TV: Great food is key to a successful holiday dinner party. Whether you organize a sit-down meal or just lay out the dishes you asked your guests to bring, it takes a lot of effort to get right and to accommodate to guests’ dietary restrictions.


Coliving: This part also won’t be a problem because you and your suitemates can make all the food in your fully stocked kitchen. If cooking’s not your thing, then you can get the cost of catering funded by Common.
party dinner

TV vs. Coliving: Cocktails and Drinks

TV: You’ll want to end the night with some post-dinner, festive drinks. It’s all great fun until the alcohol runs out or, even worse, someone ruins your new carpet or expensive couch.


Coliving: Coliving at Common means your home comes fully furnished and with professional cleaning, meaning you won’t have to worry about ruining the furniture you paid for or dealing with the post-party mess.

Host your next holiday party at Common, and enjoy all the comfort and convenience of coliving. Schedule a tour today. And check out our Facebook page and Twitter for up-to-date information about our homes, members, and cities.

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