Ways to give back to your community this holiday season


This holiday season, we can all do a little more to give back. Whether it’s taking care of the people around us or volunteering in our communities, any small deed will put a smile on someone’s face and make their holidays slightly merrier. Consider these few ways you can give back this season.


There are tons of volunteer opportunities to get involved in each city and community. Nonprofit organizations would love if you would donate time on the weekends to lend a hand. One Saturday at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital or animal shelter can go a long way if we all do our part. One of the most heartwarming ways to volunteer in this time of year is to serve meals to the homeless, the unemployed, and the poor. Use your lunch break for Meals on Wheels, a nation-wide organization which provides food for 2.5 million seniors every day. Other ideas to support local organizations include donating to your local food pantry or tutoring at the public library.

Support Local Businesses

Even though Small Business Saturday has passed, we should all be supporting the local businesses around us. We made a list of our favorites located near our homes for our members to utilize; scout out your neighborhood for your favorites as well. Sometimes, local businesses use a percentage of their proceeds to serve and fund local community programs or charitable organizations, so the money you use to purchase a product can circle back as a donation to someone in need. Even better — we all have time to shop!


If you lack the time to volunteer and to support local businesses, then just donate! You can send in a few dollars to your favorite charity, donate clothing to your homeless shelters, provide books to libraries, school supplies to classrooms, or toys to Toys for Tots. If you have the means, then this is a great way to show your kindness and serve your community. Reach out to a local shelter and ask what resources they need.

Show Your Neighbors Gratitude

Giving back to the people around you seems simple enough, but many of us forget to do this throughout the year. As a result, being friendly with your neighbors provides another way to give back. Show your neighbors you care; bring them homemade food, get them a gift, just say thanks. It’s actually extremely important to get to know your neighbors. Not only will it spread the holiday cheer throughout your building, but it will also set a great tone for the year ahead.

Take advantage of the final month of 2018 to give back to your community. From volunteering time at a charity to sharing a meal with your neighbors, there are so many ways you can make a difference in peoples’ lives. At Common, you can volunteer with your suitemates, support local businesses around your home, and get to know your neighbors any time of year. Find out more about our homes across all major U.S. cities.

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