A Day in the Life with Common Member LeeAnn Webster


LeeAnn Webster is an email marketing specialist, triathlete, and a member at Common Briar in Chicago’s Lakeview East neighborhood. Although she lived alone for years, LeeAnn moved into Common because she was seeking a larger space, without sacrificing affordability. At Common, she found not only a gorgeous kitchen and living area, but an active community in an amazing neighborhood. We asked LeeAnn to take us through a day in her life. Read more below:

6:00 am — Morning Run

LeeAnn starts her day with a run through the city. She’s part of the November Project, a Boston-born organization that aims to bring people outside and exercising during the cold winter months. Runs in Chicago are definitely more cheery in the summer, but a winter run along the frozen lake is equally gorgeous. Here’s the group posing in front of Anish Kapor’s Cloud Gate (otherwise known as “The Bean”) in Millennium Park.

8:00 am — Back home and getting ready for the day

LeeAnn says people always ask her about her bedroom, which she’s customized with a fun throw and other decor (yes, those are the original stained glass windows!) and the bathroom, which she promises is always clean.

8:30 am — Morning coffee

Coffee time! All Common kitchens come fully stocked with household essentials like pots, pans, and of course, Common mugs.

9:00 — A short commute to work

LeeAnn runs her email marketing business from home, so she spends a lot of time in Common Briar’s shared spaces. “It’s great to have multiple options of where to work in the space.”

12:00 pm — Lunch time

Lunch time! LeeAnn loves that kitchens at Common are clean and spacious, with plenty of supplies. LeeAnn loves to cook, so having a nice kitchen was important to her. “I was living in a 500 square foot studio in Chicago…I was tired of the tiny kitchen with the sad electric, studio-sized stove. At Common I have access to a large kitchen, comfy living room and beautiful sunroom.”

3:00 pm — Talking with clients

LeeAnn helps entrepreneurs create email marketing strategies that are authentic, not sleazy or cheesy, “I’m all about emailing with “HEART” – utilizing email to build a relationship with an audience, not as a tool to pummel people with unwanted sales messages. I help clients with both the strategy (how to attract their ideal clients) and the implementation (setting up the systems to build and nurture the list).”

6:00 pm — Happy hour

After work, it’s time for happy hour with her suitemates: “As a single person, it’s nice to have housemates to connect with at the end of a long day (they even text me when I’m out of town on business trips – it’s nice to be missed).”

8:00 pm — Attending a community event

In addition to spending time with each other at home, Common members also attend regular community events curated by our member services team. Here’s LeeAnn with other Common members at a comedy show.

You can learn more about LeeAnn by visiting her website. And if you’re interested in coliving in Chicago, you can explore our open homes in Lakeview East, Pilsen, and Ukrainian Village.

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