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Housing options in the city for international students


Finding affordable housing as a college student is hard. Especially as an international student, it takes a lot of time and effort to understand leases, how to pay rent, and navigate different residential options. Let’s narrow it all down, and figure out the best residence for you.

On-campus residence

Most colleges have university residences available exclusively to their students. Many first-year students choose to live in dorms for convenience; the college’s housing office pairs students with roommates, making it easy to make and be surrounded by friends, and these houses are situated closer to classes, resources, and the main campus.  In order to ensure a positive roommate experience we suggesting filling out a roommate agreement template. University residences, however, are often pricey and a foreign concept to international students.


There are a few organizations — such as the International Housing Placement Service — that focus on homestay opportunities for international students all across the country. Hosts — families, individuals, or couples — are committed to providing a place for international students to live and hope to participate in cultural exchange. International students find that homestays are beneficial in that they provide a home away from home and are more approachable, helpful, and fulfilling than university residences.

Off-campus apartment

After the first year, lots of college students choose to live with other students in an off-campus apartment. Whether it’s due to the lack of university residences or the desire to be independent, students group up to sign a year-long lease and split the rent. To keep the rent cheap, students forgo convenience and amenities, like having no laundry machines or a smart TV.


Coliving solves the frustrations of each above option. For an affordable all-inclusive rent, you can live in a shared apartment, beautifully furnished, with a flexible lease. Our homes are located across all major U.S. cities in convenient and budding neighborhoods so that international students (and anyone in general) can easily rent a room and live with all the best amenities, furniture, appliances, and necessities.

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There are so many different housing options for international students, but the one that makes the most financial and practical sense is coliving. Take a free tour today, and see for yourself.

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