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DIY decoration ideas for spring and summer


Most of us associate spring and summer with sunshine, flowers, and a fresh start. Why not give your home a fresh start this season? Create a fun, spring and summer DIY to welcome these beautiful, next few months.

If you need inspiration, here are 5 easy DIY ideas for you to spruce up the interior design of your home.

DIY mason jar centerpiece

You essentially have no limits when it comes to creative mason jars ideas. It helps that they’re easy to find, cheap, and versatile. Take them from their usual spot on the kitchen counter, and use them to create mason jar centerpieces for your coffee table, dining table, and any other flat surface.

One fun way to decorate them is to apply a coat of primer and a coat of light blue, chalky finish paint. Then use a toothbrush and flick some black or brown paint; this will create a speckled robin’s egg effect. Wrap twine around the rim area of the jar, and add water and some garden flowers. Baby’s breath looks great in this! Some other ideas include distressed chalkboard mason jars or glitter vases.

DIY wreaths

Whether you’re interested in making spring wreaths or summer wreaths, you can’t go wrong with this seasonal decor item. You can use your favorite flower or fabric for an easy DIY foam wreath, but we love succulent wreaths. You take a moss wreath, soak it in water for 15 minutes, and add your succulent cuttings. Keep the wreath out to dry flat for a couple weeks, and there you go: a hanging garden right on your front door.

Bleach pen pillows

Revive that old cotton pillow on your couch! First iron the pillowcase, and make sure it’s cotton. Then add a fun pattern (waves, dots, squiggles) or a drawing with a bleach pen, keeping in mind that it’ll expand as it dries. Leave it to sit, and once the color has been removed, rinse with water. Your new pillow will be one-of-a-kind.

DIY paper lanterns

An easy way to spruce up your outdoor spaces (the rooftop, garden, backyard, etc,) is to make DIY paper lanterns. Download the lantern pattern of your choice, and print it out on some white metallic cardstock. Cut and glue accordingly. You can place fake flowers or a plastic light inside for glow, and put them on tables and shelves. Note that you can also customize the color of the paper, so go crazy on those pastels!

Stenciled doormat

Update your porch with a DIY stenciled doormat. First, decide on what word you want to create a stencil of (“bonjour,” “welcome,” “hello”). Print it out in large cursive, sketch it on contact paper, and cut out the lettering with a craft knife. Place the cutout on your plain coir doormat, and paint over it with black acrylic craft paint in a downward motion. A little detail that will make your home just a bit more welcoming and ready for the spring and summer debris!







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