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Lifehacks: Moving to a city in the spring


Spring is the perfect season for change. Moving during this time can be unexpectedly difficult, so consider these spring moving tips (and alternative options) to be prepared for any situation.

Check the weather

It’s not as cold as the winter, but be sure to check for rain. You wouldn’t want your boxes getting wet or getting set down in the mud. Wrap any boxes with items you want to keep protected. Also, dress for any weather. The spring mornings can be super chilly, but the sun can be extremely hot or it could start raining out of nowhere. Also, stay prepared to handle any spring allergies that come your way.

Take advantage of daylight

Because you have more daylight, you can work from early in the day to late at night. On a weekday, moving team rates are lower so you will have more help with and more time for your move. Take advantage of it.


Spring is the perfect time to declutter your items. While packing, look through your items and throw out things you haven’t used since last winter. Donate what you don’t need and only take the things you do. You should move into a home without clutter and with items you actually use. It could mean fewer boxes and a simpler (and cheaper) move.

Move in with Common

At Common, you can expect an easy 30-minute move-in. Members can arrive at their fully furnished, private bedroom with their belongings and take advantage of the free WiFi, high-end appliances, and high-quality furniture right away. Even free laundry, free household supplies, and free weekly cleanings come included in your rent.Move into Common, available in all major cities, and enjoy convenient city living.

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